TNA Head Reportedly Not A Fan Of Women's Wrestling, Roode On "TNA Today"

– On Wednesday’s edition of TNA Today, Bobby Roode discusses his return to Impact Wrestling, what he did during his hiatus, and the Bound for Glory Series unfolding. He also addresses his former tag team partner, James Storm. (Watch)

– The Wrestling Observer reports that one of the reasons ‘some women’ have quit TNA Wrestling in the past year stems from the belief that Bruce Prichard, Senior Vice President of Programming and Talent Relations, is not in favor of women’s wrestling. This would also explain why the Knockouts division is not as given as much prominence as in the past, with only a few talents being highlighted.

Angelina Love and Velvet Sky reportedly left the promotion on their own accord and the roles of Mickie James, Rosita, Sarita and Winter were greatly curtailed after Prichard came into power last October.

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