The Very Latest On Bray Wyatt’s WWE Future Following Ultimate Deletion, WWE Re-Signs Top UK Stars, More

As seen on WWE Raw this week, Ultimate Deletion concluded with Bray Wyatt “deleted” in the Lake of Reincarnation, and following the match, there has been speculation regarding the future of the Wyatt character in WWE.

The WWE storylines have indicated Bray Wyatt’s “body” has not been found in Hardy’s Lake, so it is unknown when Wyatt will be making his return to TV, or whether or not the feud with Matt Hardy will continue. As of this writing, neither Hardy nor Wyatt have any WrestleMania 34 plans scheduled.

According to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, there has been talk in WWE of making changes to Bray Wyatt’s character, however, what those exact changes will be remain unknown. The Observer added there are some in WWE who feel a change in Wyatt’s character is long overdue, so the ending of Ultimate Deletion might have been a way to somewhat repackage The Eater of Worlds.

WWE Re-Signs Top UK Stars & New Talent

The Wrestling Observer is also reporting WWE has re-signed top UK stars Pete Dunne, Trent Seven, Mark Andrews, Wolfgang and the first-ever UK Champion, Tyler Bate.

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WWE has also signed top UK and indy star Zack Gibson, who is best known for his work in PROGRESS and Futureshock Wrestling.

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The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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