The Rock Says Their Should Be Zero Tolerance For Steroid Use, New Jack's Promo

source: Wrestling Observer

— The Rock was in the U.K. this week promoting the film release of The Game Plan, and The Sun conducted an interview with him, which you can see at this link. He talks about his ex-wife, fatherhood, politics, Chris Benoit, and steroid use. Regarding steroid use, he said, “But in terms of rampant steroid use, they’re taking the appropriate steps to implement much stricter policies. An epidemic started and they had to act. We need to have a zero tolerance policy in place. We have a great responsibility as athletes, actors and celebrities to children, because we are very influential. You know the outcome of the matches, it’s a scripted television show. What I tell guys interested in getting into wrestling is you need to find a way to connect with the live audience. And you don’t do that through your biceps.” Rock said he avoided using steroids when he was wrestling. “I never felt I needed to do that. I never wanted to be the biggest guy. I wanted to be the most entertaining.”

— You can see a video of an intense promo New Jack did at this link. During the promo, he rips apart ECW (saying he sold all his ECW stuff on eBay or “threw the %$#@ out the window”), and promotes XPW’s upcoming reunion show.

— Marty Jannetty is headling an indy card tonight for the EWF promotion in Marion, IN at the EWF Arena against Nate Phoenix.

See a pic of *JUICED* pre-WWE Mr. Kennedy

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