The 27 Best Home and Outdoor Deals for Prime Day

As befits a website known as "the everything store," Amazon's Prime Day offerings really run the gamut. You may already have a few big-ticket electronics items in mind, but don't sleep on any kitchen gadgets, high-tech toys, or even pet cameras that you may have been eying. Amazon will release new deals throughout the entire 48 hours of Prime Day (yes, it's two days long), and we will update this article throughout the sale, so if you don't see something you like now, be sure to check back later.

Updated 3:30 pm ET Monday: We've added several new deals to the list, including 23andMe, a kayak, and more.

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Home Deals

  • Ring Video Doorbell + Echo Dot for $70 ($80 off): Amazon has a lot of its own devices on sale, but we particularly like Ring's easy setup and its Neighbors app, which lets you keep track of crime or safety issues happening in your neighborhood.

  • Sonicare Smart Toothbrush for $196 ($84 off): We thought that a drinking glass was a pretty classy way to charge and store your electric toothbrush.

  • Black+Decker Cordless Vacuum for $28 ($7 off): Fun fact: Black+Decker partnered with NASA to build dustbusters on the onboard shuttles for the Apollo missions!

  • iRobot Roomba 690 Robot Vacuum for $230 ($145 off): iRobot's mid-tier robot vacuum hasn't been updated for a while, but its navigation software is still tops. At this price, it's a no-brainer if you want an autonomous vacuum.

  • August Smart Lock Pro for $161 ($69 off): We found August's smart lock to be an easy way to ditch our keys, but it's better with the Wi-Fi bridge.

  • TP-Link Kasa Mini Smart Plug for $15 ($7 off): Smart plugs are an easy, affordable way to make your home more energy-efficient. I (Adrienne) have these simple plugs to turn off everything at my desk.

  • AncestryDNA Genetic Ethnicity Test for $49 ($50 off): We're skeptical about consumer genetics companies, but they can be quite enlightening, and this is a pretty great deal. Ancestry is our favorite DNA kit for finding relatives and exploring the history of your genes. The downside is that the company will try to upsell you on many extra services it offers. Just say no to most or all of them.

  • 23andMe Health & Ancestry Kit for $100 ($100 off): There are always privacy concerns when you send DNA in for testing. Still, 23andMe is the best test we've tried for getting health information and fun traits and other info. It can tell you if you're possibly genetically prone to fun things like hating cilantro and a few serious conditions—though the test isn't thorough, so you're not in the clear if you pass. The DNA matching and ancestry services are starting to become useful. The best part about 23andMe is that it doesn't upsell you. It makes its money by asking you if you'll consent to answer questions or have your DNA used in medical studies. You can say no.

  • Tile Pro 2-Pack With Replaceable Battery for $35 ($25 off): I would never leave my house if it weren't for Tiles. I put them on everything—wallet, fanny pack, keys—and replaceable batteries were a long time coming. This deal starts Monday evening.

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  • Furbo Dog Camera for $135 ($64 off): We thought this was an easy, simple way to keep track of your pets while you're at work or traveling.

  • Petcube Bites 2 for $199 ($50 off): This brand-new pet camera just arrived. I haven't had a chance to test it yet, but it has built-in Alexa, full room view, and night vision.

Toy Deals

  • Osmo Genius Kit for iPad for $56 ($15 off): Osmo's kit turns the iPad into a learning tool with award-winning games and is still a WIRED favorite. There is a Fire HD tablet version also on sale.

  • Pandemic: Rising Tide for $28 ($22 off): If you hate games where you have to compete with the other players, this is a fun variation on the cooperative Pandemic. Players have to work together to stem rising tides in the Netherlands.

  • Lego Star Wars Kessel Run Millennium Falcon for $83 ($87 off): This is a great time to stock up on Christmas gifts. We like how Lego has styled the Han Solo minifigure's hair.

  • Relay Kids Phone Alternative for $25 ($25 off): It has a terrible name, but we've been testing this device for a roundup of kids' travel gear, and it really is an attractive, simple way of enabling your kid to communicate with you remotely. No phone or walkie-talkie needed.

Kitchen Deals

  • ChefSteps Joule Sous Vide for $139 ($60 off): We do love a good sous vide, and this is our top pick. But if you're an Instant Pot fan, they also have a sous vide.

  • Instant Pot Duo 6Qt for $50 ($50 off): Speaking of Instant Pot, this is one of their best sellers. It's affordable, quick, and has seven different functions (slow cooker, steamer) and 14 different smart programs (meat, rice, etc). The nine-function version is on sale too.

  • Breville Precision Coffee Brewer for $200 ($100 off): Breville's 60-ounce drip coffee maker lets you customize settings like bloom time, temperature, and flow rate to get the most out of your premium coffee.

  • Breville Compact Smart Oven for $130 ($50 off): Breville's Smart Element iQ measures and distributes heat where needed, so you'll never scorch your sandwich or muffins again.

  • Lodge Cast-Iron 5-Piece Bundle for $70 ($80 off): Not everything in my kitchen is extremely techie; I use Lodge skillets and griddles as my main cookware, especially in a pizza oven. Lodge's cast-iron cookware works just as well as Le Creuset and costs much, much less.

Outdoors Deals

  • Yeti Hopper Flip 18 for $210 ($90 off): Yeti's premium coolers are on sale today! If you need a hard cooler, $175 for the Tundra 35 ($75 off) is also one of the best prices I've ever seen.

  • Razor EcoSmart Metro Scooter for $315 ($265 off): If $1,600 is just too much for you to spend on a scooter, this sit-down version has rear disc brakes and a max speed of 18 mph.

  • LifeStraw Personal Water Filter for $10 ($8 off): The LifeStraw is an easy, affordable way to make sure you're never caught without water on the trail. It removes bacteria, including E. coli, from drinking water.

  • Radio Flyer Ultimate EZ Folding Wagon for $122 ($72 off): The Veer Cruiser is the best stroller in our stroller rotation. But this wagon is much cheaper, folds with one hand for easy storage, and carries up to 120 pounds.

  • Garmin Forerunner 235 Watch for $140 ($190 off): Garmin's latest Forerunner line is out, which makes now a great time to pick up last year's Forerunner watches at half off.

  • Garmin Fenix 5 Watch for $409 ($192 off): The burly Fenix 5 is on our list of best fitness trackers.

  • Intex Challenger K1 Inflatable Kayak With Paddle and Pump for $55 ($20 off): I won this kayak in a raffle years ago! It's about as maneuverable as a sofa, but I can trans­port it without a kayak rack and it's great for lounging on the water with my dog.

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