Terry Funk Comments On Having to Miss “ALL IN” Due to Health Issues, Update On Funk’s Current Condition

As noted, WWE Hall of Famer Terry Funk had to withdraw from his appearance at “ALL IN” weekend due to health issues, and in a new interview with Sports Illustrated’s Extra Mustard, Funk had the following to say on missing the event.

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“I was supposed to be on the All In show, but I can’t because of a problem with my abdominal hernia,” said Funk. “I’m not feeling too good. Am I going to feel better? I hope to hell I am. That’s a wish on my part.”

Funk also had the following to say on Cody Rhodes’ success since leaving WWE, and his accomplishment in creating “ALL IN”:

“I think it’s wonderful that Cody is having success, and I was really looking forward to seeing him,” said Funk. “Cody and Dusty are similar in so many ways, but they’re different also. I’ve never met anyone like Dusty. He was loved by everyone and everybody. He was a phenomenal in-ring performer who understood the business, and that was passed on to Cody.

“Personally, I like to think I’m like my old man. I like to think I have the brains he did. I’d like to think Cody feels the same way, and he should because he does. Cody has evolved, he saw the light where no one else did.”

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Sports Illustrated

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