Tenille Dashwood On Her Career Change, Joining ROH, Daniel Bryan Getting Cleared, Being Part Of The Women’s Movement

Chuck Carroll from CBS New York recently sat down with Tenille Dashwood, formerly known in the WWE as Emma, to discuss her career, her transition into ROH, and even Daniel Bryan’s recent return to the WWE ring.

On her career change:

“I was kind of surprised by it, but I also saw a lot of positives, and opportunity that came from that. I was excited to take a look at everything that was coming my way and to jump on the opportunities.”

On getting into Ring Of Honor:

“It was a bit of everything. I think there was a number of people that I had worked with in the past that had reached out to them, saying Tenille’s available now. And then vice versa, I’m using a booking agent, and I think they reached out to him and they spoke as well.”

On her Ring of Honor Debut:

“For sure there were butterflies. Wrestling means a lot to me, so I think I’m always going to have the anxious excitement right before I go out the curtain. It meant a lot to me, because I’ve never been in front of a Ring of Honor crowd before, and it’s a little different than the WWE. They’re very passionate wrestling fans. As far as what you actually bring into the wrestling ring, it’s not so much about the entertainment as far as storylines and characters and all that. I was wondering whether they knew my background. You know, I’ve wrestled for over half my life. So it was an opportunity for to me showcase what I know as a wrestler, and to have competitive matches with women for longer periods of time, with that freedom and control to do what I love and showcase that to everyone. It’s an opportunity, so I’m very excited.”

On Daniel Bryan being cleared:

“I guess we always thought that he would never wrestle again, so to hear this is amazing news… As a wrestler myself, to think that you could never wrestle again when you love something like that… I can’t imagine how hard it has been for him and for Brie and the family. I was so excited and just so happy for them when I heard that he could wrestle again. I don’t know what the circumstances are as far as being cleared or anything, but I’m just very happy for them and excited. To be able to do that again is very special.”

On being a part of a second women’s movement in ROH:

“It feels like a similar thing is happening now [in Ring of Honor], and it’s a chance for me to be a part of that again, and to elevate the women and to showcase that to the world. Ring of Honor is that platform where we’re able to do that, and so it’s an opportunity for all of us.”

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CBS New York

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