Taz Very Critical of Kurt Angle’s Raw Booking, Talks Whether or Not Triple H vs Angle Should Happen at ‘Mania

On the latest edition of “The Taz Show”, host and former ECW Champion Taz addressed last night’s Survivor Series go-home edition of WWE Raw.

During the show, Taz was very critical of Kurt Angle and Jason Jordan’s booking heading into WWE Survivor Series, and had the following to say on the Team Raw captain:

“Kurt Angle was completely put down. From segment one to the end of the friggin’ show. From Stephanie, and then Triple H. Ok so maybe they’re going to go towards a WrestleMania match with Triple H vs Kurt Angle. Which I don’t think they should do, two guys in the twilight of their career, in a massive match. Would I be shocked? No. Would it be a good match? Yes. Will people want to see it? Yes. But I think about other things, and I think about the younger wrestlers in the locker room. And I thought about those younger wrestlers or wrestlers in their prime, that were in the locker room last night on Raw. Because they had to watch Triple H get a spot in this 5 on 5 traditional Survivor Series elimination match. So they took a young guy, on the come up, and they pulled him out, and put Triple H in there. I can’t argue, obviously it’s a much bigger match with Triple H in it as opposed to Jason Jordan. I agree. I think that match could have been used to really turn Jason Jordan heel, so he cost that team, and his Dad, the match.”

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“Not only did they make Kurt Angle look horrible last night, but they really made Jason Jordan look like a punk,” Taz added. “The worst thing is the Kurt Angle bit. Because Kurt Angle has all this credibility, you just put him in your Hall of Fame, he’s the most credible guy in a shoot in our industry’s history, let’s be frank…he’s an Olympic gold medalist, and somehow, someway they managed to make him look bad last night. With Stephanie coming out and just undressing him again. I understand he’s subservient to Stephanie, and then when Triple H comes out he’s subservient to Triple H, it’s just not what you want to do with your General Manager, and the guy leading this [Raw] team, and the guy with the credibility, ability, of Kurt Angle.”

You can listen to the entire Taz podcast at this link.

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