Taz Comments on Dean Ambrose’s WWE Departure: “It Seems a Little Odd”

Former WWE Superstar Taz recently commented on Dean Ambrose’s apparent departure from WWE. Many pro wrestling fans have their doubts as to the validity of the situation and that’s understandable. After all, Vince McMahon’s company did announce the move on social media, even though Dean’s WWE contract is not set to expire until April of 2019.

But Ambrose was active on the January 28 edition of Monday Night Raw, where he had a very compelling spot with Triple H. Taz said on his podcast that he believes that spot felt real because perhaps it was.

“When he did that with Triple H and looked at him and said that, I’m like oh, alright. Homeboy’s shooting right here. He wanted to get this out of him and look Hunter in his eyes and tell him this.”

Of course things took a surreal turn when Nia Jax came out and got physical with Dean. Was this a sign of things to come for Ambrose?

“This is where I realize, when Nia Jax came out, homey might have some heat. Because they basically had Nia Jax get in his face and hit him from behind and he couldn’t do nothing to her.” 

So does Tazz believe that Dean is indeed on his way out? He was quick to remind everyone that WWE never seemed to care if a Superstar wanted to leave during his heyday. But is that still the case today?

“Things might be changing, though. Because a lot of talent, because of the internet and I don’t think it’s just the AEW thing I think there’s more to it than that. It’s because of the internet and because of how you can build your brand via social media. You can now work in other promotions, work in other companies, there’s enough stuff going on. Keep your brand hot, make money, do stuff like that, you can do it.”

Tazz said that the combination of Dean’s actions on Raw and WWE’s announcement leads him to believe that something odd is indeed going on. Whether or not Ambrose is actually going to wrap up with WWE after April is anyone’s guess. The next few months should be very interesting indeed.

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