Sting Teases Having One Final Match With The Undertaker

WWE uploaded the latest ‘WWE Untold’ on Friday featuring The Icon, Sting as he discussed his final ever wrestling match against Seth Rollins.

However, even though the focus was on his final match and Sting retired during his Hall Of Fame speech, he has left the door open for one more match. Of course, that would be against none other than The Undertaker.

“Who knows, if everything lines up just right,” Sting said. “And Vince [McMahon] and Triple H … and ‘Taker!” he exclaimed, again pointing out his specific interest in working with “The Dead Man” on the WWE stage.

“‘Sting, maybe we could do this … let’s just do a face-off,” he said. “‘Let’s get you guys involved in this or that’ … Ok, maybe I could do that! And so, you know … and again, I don’t know if it’s ego or pride or whatever, but … [whispering]I feel like I could do it!

“So … [laughs]all these years later … it’s insanity,” he continued. “Oh my gosh! [laughs again]it’s insanity like I said a while ago — it’s insanity. The Icon” concluded by saying, “It is what it is … I guess I’m a pro wrestler for life.”

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