Stephanie Responsible For Recent Firings; Why She Fired Rob Conway


Stephanie McMahon was promoted to the role where she decides who gets hired and who gets fired last week. Johnny Ace answers to her now, or she can overrule him on a decision if she wants. She’s really making use of her title now, as she fired eight people within one week after there weren’t any cuts since before WrestleMania.

Stephanie’s first victims ended up being Rob Conway and 2 Cold Scorpio, who were released on 5/11. Scorpio had spent months and months sitting at home doing nothing, so this was no surprise. Conway was a surprise because he’s a good worker and always had a good attitude. Stephanie felt Conway was a “jobber for life” and would never draw any money, and wanted to make room for more developmental talents to be called up.

Johnny Ace had to be the “bad cop” (which is his new role, as if he didn’t have enough heat already), and made things worse for himself by lying, saying creative couldn’t come up with anything for Conway to do. The problem was that creative had come up with something for him, a reunited La Resistance on ECW. Conway had just recently received his new gear when Ace told him there were no ideas. Many people in the company were very unhappy with the call since they felt he could have made a great teacher in Louisville.

Stephanie’s taking her new role very seriously and she really wants to make her mark. Expect to see some more cuts within the next few days/weeks. Had Stephanie not been promoted, the individuals recently released would probably still be around, or at least a little while longer.

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