Stephanie McMahon On Origins Of "Sports Entertainment" Label & WWE's "PG-Era"

As noted, Stephanie McMahon spoke at the annual Business Partner Summit during WrestleMania week to discuss the evolution of WWE over the past 30 years.

During her speech, Stephanie made some interesting comments about the specific reason why WWE changed from referring to their brand of entertainment as professional wrestling to the commonly used term today, sports entertainment.

“Advertisers either had an adverse reaction to the words ‘professional wrestling,’ or they simply didn’t understand what it was,” said Stephanie. “So, how could we create a term or a label that potential partners could understand? How could we describe the WWE was based on larger-than-life characters enthralled in relatable storylines? That was when we coined the term ‘sports entertainment’.”

The WWE Chief Brand Officer continued, also addressing the origins of the PG era in WWE, which she claims started in 2008.

“10 years ago, WWE once again reimagined our content and made the strategic decision to become more family-friendly, to grow our multi-generational audience and attract more blue-chip partners,” said Stephanie. “Looking around the room here today, it’s easy to see that this strategy worked.”

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