Stephanie McMahon, Dr. Maroon Talk WWE Medical Program, Drug Testing & More

The Pittsburgh CBS affiliate has a new article up on their website looking at Dr. Joseph Maroon. Maroon, who heads up the WWE medical team, spoke about WWE coming to him in 2006 to begin their partnership. “They came to me and said look, ‘We are interested in doing everything we can to protect our talent. It’s the lifeblood of our industry. We want to do the very best that we can and the best medicine that we can to protect them.”

Stephanie McMahon was also quoted in the article about the extensive medical program led by Maroon. “We do cardiovascular screening. We do ImPACT testing. We do blood work. There is a drug testing component. It’s really with the idea of having our athletes and our superstars have the best health possible.”

The article also talks about WWE’s drug testing process, which is handled by an independent third party. They note that drug testing is done randomly four times per year for every Superstar on the roster. If one is found to have a banned substance in their system, they are tested randomly seven times a year.

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