Spoilers For Tonight's RAW, Wellness Violations, 2 Huge Returns Tonight, More

Source: PWInsider.com

– In exactly one month (November 1st) the names of WWE performers that fail Wellness Tests will be made available to the public. While the new stipulation is certainly going to be embarrassing for performers that are exposed, many within the company hope that it will serve as a further deterrent for superstars that have been using illegal substances.

– Vince McMahon vs. Triple H is the scheduled main event for tonight’s edition of RAW. Expect to see them do some type of angle with Umaga returning in order to set up the match between Umaga and Triple H for the upcoming No Mercy pay-per-view.

– As I reported earlier here on the site, John Morrison and Chris Masters both returned from their suspensions over the weekend. Both Umaga and Ken Kennedy are expected to return from “time off” on tonight’s edition of RAW.

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