*Spoiler* On New Character Debuting On This Week's Episode Of SmackDown

source: PWInsider.com

On this week’s episode of Friday Night SmackDown, CM Punk converts a member of the WWE Universe to the Straightedge Society for the third week in a row, shaving his new recruit’s head as a symbol of his transformation from his “past transgressions” into a new way of life. In this case, the latest member of his society happens to be female and under contract to World Wrestling Entertainment.

WWE developmental wrestler Mia Mancini (a/k/a Serena Deeb) portrays a fan trying desperately to reach Punk, going as far to make it up the ramp before a security guard stops her. However, Punk tells the guard to let her go and allows her to enter the ring. Following his trademark long-winded speech, Punk proceeds to shave her head bald.

According to sources within WWE, she will be part of Punk’s entourage from this point forward.

See spoiler photo of Serena *SHAVED BALD* ->

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