“Smokeshow” Scarlett Bordeaux Requests Her Release From Impact Wrestling

Scarlett Bordeaux may be looking to take her “Smokeshow” elsewhere.¬†According to a report from PWInsider.com, the 28-year-old Chicagoan has asked for her release from Impact Wrestling.

It’s unclear whether the promotion will actually grant her request, as she is a key player on weekly television and her segments consistently outdraw nearly everything else on the Impact Youtube channel. Apparently she is only working on a per-appearance basis.

Scarlett debuted with Impact last July, first as a heel character who flaunted her sexuality as a “perfect ten”, and eventually established a “talent search” where she spent several months evaluating fan submissions and meeting wrestlers backstage that she might be able to lend her managerial talents to.

In the end, Scarlett ultimately chose to lend her talents to herself, turning babyface in March earlier this year when she finally made her in-ring debut against Disco Inferno in a controversial program wherein the infamous Disco invoked the “bra & panties” era of wrestling and made frequent sexist comments about both his opponent, and women’s wrestling in general.

Recently the “Smokeshow” has been working a program against The Desi Hit Squad, including intergender matches and an oddball tag team pairing with Fallah Bahh. She also works with AAA in Mexico, alongside fellow Impact star Killer Kross, who she is romantically involved with. Interestingly enough, Kross also asked for his release from Impact recently.

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