Slex Predicts He Will Become A Champion With ROH By 2021

Ring Of Honor star, Slex recently spoke with Andrew Thompson of Post Wrestling about a variety of topics, including his desire to become a champion.

Slex first gave his thoughts on one of ROH’s most recent signings, Adam Brooks, admitting he was happy to see him sign with the company.

“I think its been a long time coming. I mean, the Australian wrestling scene has grown over the last few years and it’s awesome to see my friends now getting the opportunity to prove themselves on the world stage which they… they’ve been given the opportunity but they’ve earned it. So, and to have Adam Brooks come to Ring of Honor, that’s a familiar face in the locker room for me and hopefully we can lock up in the Ring of Honor ring and show them what we can do as well but, I’m just happy for my friends to get the opportunity and prove what they can do on the world stage because they deserve it.”

Slex also spoke about getting the opportunity to wrestle Kazuchika Okada and how that match put him on the map to a wider audience.

“That was insane. So basically, I had taken like a few months off, because I had the birth of my daughter. So, I’d taken like six months off so I hadn’t wrestled for six months so I was training my backside off to get in shape for this match and, to be given the opportunity to wrestle Okada was just an amazing experience and yeah, it proved to really skyrocket my career because after that match, it sort of put me on the map and put me in… new fans could see what I could do worldwide, and then from there, I just got more and more opportunities to show what I could do and wrestle more international talent, get more exposure and I think, that match, its led me here.”

Finally, Slex looked ahead to his future goals, admitting he wants to be a champion by 2021 if possible.

“Yeah, crystal ball. I mean, I feel like 2020 for me is like a proving ground for me. Like I’ve got to really have my work boots on. I’ve got new eyes on me now so I feel like 2020 is a year where I’m gonna have to prove myself and prove that I belong, and I’m excited for that challenge. Bring it on, and I feel like 2021, what’d you say? February next year? I think you’ll see a title on my waist.”

Thanks to Adam Thompson of Post Wrestling for sending in the quotes.

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