Shane McMahon Reveals WrestleMania Status, Talks Possible Future WWE Return

The following are highlights of a lengthy Buzz Feed interview-article on Shane McMahon:

On if a family feud led to his WWE departure: “No, there was no civil war. My sister is still involved in the company now with her husband Triple H. They’re there. My dad is there. Things are moving forward.”

On it being difficult to work for his father, Vince McMahon: “My dad held me to a different standard, without question, sometimes unfairly so and that’s OK. It’s tough to bat .1000 all the time. It’s that one wrong all the time. It teaches you. It definitely teaches you. It’s a way of teaching…”

Shane, who admitted he won’t be returning to TV at WrestleMania XXX, said the following regarding a possible WWE return: “Would I ever come back? I would never count it out because anything can happen in the WWE.”

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