Senshi Removed From TNA Website, Women's Matches Drawing Biggest Ratings

sources:, Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— Senshi’s profile has been removed from TNA’s official website, so that should pretty much confirm that he’s through with the company.

— Last Thursday’s edition of Impact drew a 1.14 rating, with an average audience of 1.5 million viewers. Despite the star power of various former WWE stars and home-grown stars, not to mention the “Deal or No Deal” briefcase storyline that took place throughout the show, the top-rated quarter hour of the show was the Velvet Sky & Angelina Love vs. Ms. Brooks & Ms. Jackie Moore match. Their segment drew an impressive 1.3 rating, which looks to be the high-rated, non-gimmick quarter hour in the history of Impact (non-gimmick means when it’s not measuring based on another show, such as the lengthy CSI overrun that ran the week before, or the first quarter hour after UFC’s Ultimate Fighter). This marks the second week in a row in which the women’s match was the highest-rated segment on Impact as the Gail Kim vs. ODB match with the Awesome Kong run-in from the week before gained 165,000 viewers and drew a 1.27 rating. The show’s overall rating was a 1.09.

Furthermore, when they put all that star power out to build the main event during the same show (the 12/6 Impact); Samoa Joe, Nash, Booker T, Young & Kaz vs. Kurt Angle, Christian, AJ Styles, Tomko & Roode, it drew a solid 1.16 quarter hour rating. However, the storyline build in the segment wasn’t too effective as the 10-man tag match main event later in the show drew a lackluster 0.97 rating, way down from the 1.16 rating. Additionally, the ladder match featuring Team 3D vs. Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin & Jay Lethal lost 248,000 viewers. And a match between Christopher Daniels & Senshi lost 234,000 viewers.

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