Sasha Banks On Steve Austin DM'ing Her, Preferring NXT Over RAW & More

Sasha Banks recently appeared as a guest on Her Take to discuss her journey to WWE, the formation of the Four Horsewomen and more. Below are some of the highlights from the interview.

On the origins of the Four Horsewomen and what their ultimate goal has always been: “It’s the best, they motivate me. They make me who I am because I want to be the best and I want to get better ebery single day. I remember being with Bayley, Charlotte and Becky in NXT, and we just pushed each other, and I remember every time that we had a match we wanted to outshine the guys, having the fans be like, ‘You know what, they stole the show.’ That’s the best feeling in the world.”

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On her relationship with the Four Horsewomen members: “It’s crazy, I feel like you hit your friends harder. Legit, we go to war with each other. I’ve had countless amazing matches with Becky, and with Bayley we won Match Of The Year of 2015. I want people to be like ‘That wasn’t just a good match because they’re girls,’ or ‘That was a good girls’ match.’ I want them to be like ‘That was a good match, period.'”

On NXT vs. RAW: “NXT, because that’s always home for me and I feel like that’s really where I made a name for myself.”

On choosing Steve Austin over The Rock and how “Stone Cold slid into her DMs”: “I love both, but I’m gonna have to choose Stone Cold Steve Austin, just because he slid into my DMs one time. (laughs) And when he did he was just saying how good a match was and I just remember freaking out.”

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