Ronda Rousey’s Discusses Roddy Piper’s Wrestling Influence

Rowdy Roddy Piper

– Ronda Rousey recently participated in an article on her website detailing how Roddy Piper was a major influence on today’s pro wrestling, check out the highlights below:

Ronda Rousey on Roddy Piper’s persona:

“He was a true heel. People hated him. And he chose to make them hate him. He decided how he wanted to affect people and made it happen his way.”

“Roddy Piper had his own distinct style. He didn’t take pauses for reactions – he just had this style of saying exactly what was on his mind.” Rousey told us. “It was the kind of thing where he could be speaking non-stop and leave you wondering how he did it without taking a breath and where the last five minutes of your life had gone.”

Rousey on Piper’s promo influence:

“Roddy taught me that I don’t have to conform to what’s expected of someone in terms of how they speak,” Rousey explained. “He spoke in a way that was natural to him and he made it work. My wrestling career is still in its infancy but I try my best to emulate him by being more of myself if that makes sense. I emulate him by not emulating him, finding what works for me and doing the best version of it possible.”

On what Piper meant pro wrestling:

“Without Piper wrestling would look very formulaic, with a single mold for how every match should be promoted and performed. Without him, there wouldn’t be anywhere near as much variety as we see today.”

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