Road Warrior Animal Responds To Heidenreich's Comments On Him

Road Warrior Animal did a post on in which he responds to some things his ex-tag team partner John Heidenriech said about him in a recent online interview. Here is what Animal said regarding Heidenreich’s comments and dealing with him when the two were tag partners in WWE in 2005. Animal also notes that Bob “Hardcore” Holly was really angry that Heidenreich got the L.O.D. spot over him:

On John Heidenriech.

I was asked to do something that I thought I would never do in this business, have another partner, and I did. First of all John Heidenreich was given the greatest opportunity in the business as far as tag teams go. I, as a professional was willing to give and help with 20 years experience to make John a part of the greatest Tag Team gimmick of all time, with most of those years being 250 days a year average on the road building my gimmick. It was my decision and mine alone, after all I own the L.O.D gimmick. I respected John not only as an athlete but as a performer. I did get a loan from John when we were in between paychecks and I paid it all back as soon as the first quarter marketing checks were disbursed, so that ends that ridiculous pointless issue.

I would like to point out the fact that I waited countless hours at airports waiting to assist in the travel of Mr. Heidenreich, as a member of the team, although he never once thought of giving a simple courtesy call explaining delays or changing of plans.

In this business it just is not right to not communicate with a traveling partner. It is quite insulting. While all the other wrestlers were communicating, respecting each other, setting up rides, rental cars, all traveling expenses, together. If I were going to charge him money for inconvenience, hell, it would have been in the thousands not just 600 bucks.

Where John is mistaken, everyone knows I am one of the boys, not very close to the office, I might add, feeling much the same as John does. I would never bury a fellow wrestler or tell on a partner, it would never be beneficial business wise or even smart for that fact in the very end it would hurt the team, or gimmick. I am all about the team.

John is right and I will admit there are many jealous people in this business and many were mad when John got the break to be a member of the L.O.D.,. feeling John did not deserve it. I did not have an opinion on that as I did not know John very well. Bob Holly was pissed and wanted to be a member of the L.O.D. also, Bob just got mad as he and many others thought John was being very disrespectful to the whole business not just to the team. It was those individuals, and I heard many bitching in the locker room, that were always complaining to the office about John. To say that I was talking to the office is quite funny actually as they who know me know better. I did not nor would I ever do that to anyone, not even Heidenreich.

I never saw John do drugs so it would not be right to judge him on that fact, nor should anyone else. People made assumptions and it was the WWE Doctor that suggested that when sinus or ears bleed it is a sign of Drug abuse, so if John wants to get mad , get mad at the Doctor, he made that statement in the locker room. All that I know is I drove an extra 30 miles to pick John up at the hospital so the agents did not have to.

As far as Christian Wrestling shows go, I love to do them and I respect them tremendously. I would never hold anyone up for more money, that comment doesn’t even deserve a rebuttal comment. It is something I do not take lightly. I have not, nor would I ever stand up any promoter for more money, that is a sure way to cut your throat in this business. Get your facts right!

I feel I did a huge favor in welcoming John in the L.O.D. I never held John’s personal issues against him as we all have personal problems. I thought as a friend I helped John through a rough time as he was very upset after Catrina almost destroyed his families home. I was there to lend support and understanding, without hesitation, but in this business most people think you need to check those problems at the door and do business, which is not always that easy.

I will agree the office could have been more understanding about that issue, after all it was a catastrophe. How does a person get paid back for giving them the No. 1 tag team gimmick or being a friend? The man rips on my family and my son in that stupid low life video, people who have nothing to do with this business what so ever. Attack those who cannot defend themselves, what a man!

I know and feel as others do that John Heidenreich has a lot of proving to do in this business. I wish him well and I hope he achieves the future success he is looking for in this business. I, no doubt with help know he could make it some day. I hope for his families sake he does.

This will be the last time I will comment on this situation as it does not even deserve the time or place in this business. Some things just don’t need to be said or discussed and this is definitely a waste of time.

What a Rush.


I want to thank Georgiann for allowing me this avenue of discussion. There will be no moe discussion about it.

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