Ricochet Responds To People Who Are Critical Of His Booking

Former United States Champion, Ricochet took to Twitter to respond to a member of the WWE Universe who was being critical of him.

The fan tweeted claiming that Ricochet loses all the time, has no push, and has a goofy superhero gimmick, to which Ricochet decided to respond.

The One and Only stated that he thinks he has the most wins on WWE Raw this year and won a title within a few months of joining the main roster. He also continued by stating that he loves being portrayed as a superhero to millions of children around the world.

Again, I believe I have the most wins on Raw this year. Plus won a Title within a couple months of arriving to raw.

I love being a portrayed as a superhero to hopefully millions of children and people around the world.

The entire @WWEUniverse pushes me to be better everyday. https://t.co/lOckSrmZt3

— WWE’s resident Superhero 👑 (@KingRicochet) November 3, 2019

Oh no, I am not bothered at all my man. I love engaging with my fans.

Whether they agree with me or not. They have a right to express how they feel.

I simply just give my thoughts back and hopefully they understand where I’m coming from.

Nothing but love here. https://t.co/3D0xaFm9fj

— WWE’s resident Superhero 👑 (@KingRicochet) November 3, 2019

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