Ricochet on Coming to WWE to Learn Character-Driven Elements of Wrestling in NXT, Potential Dream Matches & More

NXT Superstar Ricochet, who will step into the ring against EC3 next weekend at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn IV, was the guest on this week’s E&C Pod of Awesomeness with WWE Hall of Famer Edge and Christian.

You can check out the show completely free on iTunes, Stitcher or wherever you get your podcasts. This week’s episode gets a little out of hand, as the Canadian duo not only interview the high-flying NXT sensation, but call up Tommy Dreamer and stumble their way into an accidental interview with infamous MLB legend Lenny Dykstra. Featured below are several transcriptions from the interview.

Ricochet, on assuming he would never make it to WWE: 

“[I was] never supposed to be here. I started 15 years ago and I was 100 pounds, maybe. I started in the backyard, and I started just because it was something fun to do on the weekends, and kept me out of trouble. I didn’t have any goals of becoming a WWE Superstar – especially in 2003, it was the land of the giants. Everyone was huge and gigantic. So for somebody that was never supposed to be here, to be here now and being in this situations is so incredibly cool to me. Learning from all these different people is just wild and insane.”

On wanting to work with everyone in WWE and the amount of potential, personal dream matches he has in mind: 

“In the WWE umbrella, the amount of matches that I want to have are endless. I’m glad I got to get in there with Velveteen [Dream], because when I first got hired he was one of the very top guys I wanted to get in there and have a match, because I felt like we could tear it up. Guys like Roman [Reigns], Randy Orton – it’s crazy. The possibilities are endless.”

On wanting to come to WWE because of their focus on story-driven wrestling, and learning how to connect with the fans through more than his in-ring work: 

“That’s actually one of the main reasons I was excited about coming here to NXT. They focus on that sort of thing. That was one of the main reasons I was excited to come here. Before coming here I was always just the ‘dream match’ guy. It was Ricochet against this guy, and then I’d fly somewhere else to wrestle this guy. Put this guy over, put this guy over. To give somebody a good match – that’s who I was. A lot of people messaged me saying how they liked Prince Puma more than Ricochet. I feel like it has to do with that story-driven connection, so that’s why I really wanted to come to NXT. The story is the biggest part of the match, whether it’s before, during or after, and I was excited about that coming here.”

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