Ricochet Addresses The Recent Kacy Catanzaro Reports: “She’s Still With The Company”

During a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, Ricochet addressed the recent reports that his partner, Kacy Catanzaro has requested to be released by WWE.

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“She’s still with the company. She’s not retired at all and she’s not injured. It’s a tough sport and we’re all hurting, but there is nothing wrong with her,” he said. When asked if Catanzaro would ever wrestle again, Ricochet is not sure.” I don’t know,” he responded. “She’s very family-oriented and she wants kids, so she doesn’t know if being on the road so much is for her.”

“For me, I’m already too deep—I’m on the road all the time. She loves wrestling and she loves it here, and she’s so good at it, so it’s a very tough decision for her.”

Ricochet also discussed being part of the King of the Ring tournament and how it has helped everyone who has participated this year.

“Being a part of the King of the Ring is awesome. All my favorite guys won the King of the Ring: Steve Austin, Triple H, Owen Hart. I loved Randy Savage as the Macho King,” Ricochet said.

“The tournament has been great for us, too. All the guys in it are all really good in the ring, so it’s been great match after great match. And we’ve been given significant time to make it work, so that aspect has really helped, too. Being a part of something so prestigious is so cool—it’s where Austin 3:16 started—and maybe it can lead to my Austin 3:16 moment.”

Ricochet will compete in the King of the Ring semifinal triple threat match on WWE Raw tomorrow night against Baron Corbin and Samoa Joe.


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