Rey Mysterio Talks About 2014 Being His Comeback Year

During a recent interview with the Miami Herald, WWE Superstar Rey Mysterio spoke about his plans for an upcoming return to the ring.

Mysterio actually wrestled last month during WWE’s live events tour of Mexico, but says he only got back in the ring to see how his knee felt:

“It was more of a let’s see how my body reacts and my knee reacts to being back in the ring,” Mysterio said. “Overall I felt good but still feel I need a bit more therapy, just from the damage I’ve done through the years to my knee. We are back to therapy and strengthening up that quad and hamstring, just making sure there are no mistakes this next time.”

Mysterio originally planned to be back in action this summer, but then delayed his plans for a full time return to “around Thanksgiving, maybe Christmas.” Now, it’s sounding like he won’t be back in action until 2014.

“I think if I don’t do it by the end of the year, then next year,” Mysterio said. “I would hate to push myself instead of taking my time. I want to make a good return, and not being absent shortly after my return. It’s something I’m still debating. I’m going to listen to my body.”

Despite the countless injuries he’s dealt with, Mysterio still feels the passion to compete in WWE.

“I’m definitely still motivated and feel the urge to be in the ring,” Mysterio said. “I’ve always told myself the day I don’t feel that anymore is the day I need to say, ‘That’s it.’ I still have some years inside me that I want to push forward, I want to go out and entertain. I miss it. I really do. I miss being out there and the interaction with the fans. I miss the applause and the 619 chants. I’m hoping that God still gives me a couple of more years for me to perform.”

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