Retired NYPD detective helps collar bat-wielding subway maniac

Bat’s all you got?

A baseball-bat-wielding homeless man flipped out at a straphanger who bumped into him on the subway — only to learn the target was an armed ex-NYPD cop who was packing a much better weapon.

In a dramatic standoff captured on video, former detective David Morales, 54, pulled out his pistol and kept bat-carrying vagrant Brian Baska at bay on the G train Wednesday — then chased him out of a station and into the arms of cops.

The showdown unfolded on a southbound G train just before 7 a.m. Wednesday, when Baska allegedly went berserk on Morales, accusing the former cop of bumping into him while boarding at the Greenpoint Avenue station.

“You’re gonna hit me with a f–king bat?” the cop can be heard saying on video, which was posted to the popular Instagram page @SubwayCreatures on Thursday.

“Stay where you’re at,” the cop repeats, after whipping out a snub-nose pistol. “Stay where you’re at.”

“Respect my f–king bag,” Baska can be heard yelling back.

The former cop can be seen keeping his cool as he identifies himself and backs Baska down in front of frightened straphangers.

Morales keeps the gun pointed down at the ground the entire time while directing passengers to step aside.

Once at the Clinton-Washington Avenues subway station, police sources said Baska fled the train with the longtime detective trailing behind him.

Cops above ground wound up arresting Baska about a block and a half away, while he was still carrying the baseball bat, sources said. He was charged with menacing and criminal possession of a weapon.

“This retired NYPD member of the service should be commended for his restraint and his tactics in this incident,” said NYPD spokesman Phil Walzak of Morales.

“He can be seen alerting people outside the train car to move away for their safety, and directing riders on the subway to move away from the perpetrator. He is constantly checking his surroundings while still focusing on the perpetrator, and keeping his weapon pointed downward.”

Police officials described Baska as homeless with at least one prior arrest for criminal mischief — for busting out a person’s car window with a rock, police said.

Video of his showdown with Morales was captured by witness James Van Deusen, who later spoke to officers. The baseball bat that Baska used was recovered by police.

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