Renee Young Discusses Backstage WWE Reaction To Jon Moxley Joining AEW

Renee Young was a guest on Lilian Garcia’s Chasing Glory podcast this week and she discussed the changes that happened when Jon Moxley left WWE.

“I was sort of like bracing for that impact” Renee began, “I was expecting…I mean at that time I’m doing commentary, I’m sitting in production meetings and all the news breaks about him [Moxley] going to AEW. And [I’m] like, what’s gonna happen?”

Nothing changed for me. No one treated me differently. No, not really. I mean other than the ‘boys,’ wanting to know how he was doing and what not, but other than that I was never pulled aside and was like ‘oh my god Jon’s doing his thing, and you’re doing this and we got to keep things separate’ like that conversation never happened.”

Despite things not changing backstage for Renee, the WWE broadcaster did reveal one big change that has impacted her.

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“It sucked for me not having him on the road with me, my biggest issue was like ‘damn we don’t get to travel together? Like you’re not in the hotel room when we finish the show?’ You know I miss having those moments.”

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