RAW Report 6/18/07 Richmond, Va

RAW this starts with Ed Kaufman’s blurb about the loss of Vince. They it’s eye witnesses talking. Video of the limo blows up and more people talking over it. Back to Kaufman talking over the explosion. He says the company and the show will go on.

Foley’s in the ring and says the show will go on. He asked to be the first person to talk to us. He says last week was Vince Appreciation Night. He said a few things that might be seen as inappropriate. If he’s known Vince was going to spontaneously combust he wouldn’t have said them. But, then again he too a guy who didn’t have the best wrestling skills the best body or a TV friendly face and turned him into a huge success. He’d like to take this time to apologize to the McMahon family. He’d also like to take this time to say to the whole dressing room…
Orton’s music and he comes down to the ring quickly. Orton says it’s incredible that Foley can come down to the ring in that crappy tie and give an insincere apology. After what he said last week and in his book which was a Mr. McMahon hatchet job. Foley believes all the stuff he said. When they start making a list as to who did this to Vince that Foley’s name should be at the top of the list.
Foley asks if Orton’s accusing him of something.
Orton says he’s not, but…
King Booker’s music and he comes down. He says when a lot of people may be looking in Foley’s direction but Booker has inside knowledge. He saw the federal investigator talking to Lashley for over an hour. It was Lashley who was stripped of the ECW Title. It was Lashley who was pissed at Vince. It’s Lashley who has Army Ranger training. How well do we know Lashley?
Lashley’s music and he comes down. Lashley flattens Booker who rolls form the ring. He and Foley talk, Orton beats feet from the ring.
Cena’s music and he comes down. Booker and Orton are outside the ring. Booker takes off his jacket. Mixed reviews for Cena. He tells Kojak and Ace Ventura outside the ring to calm down. This isn’t Law & Order. He wonders about what happened last week but it’s more than just coming out and pointing a finger at Foley or Lashley. Vine was their boss, but they only had to see him a couple days a week tops. How many enemies has he made? Maids, gardeners, that drunk in the crowd. Hiker, bikers, candle stick makers. Anyone involved in the XFL. Never mind all the male prostitutes, pimp and hookers he screwed over. The family just wants to get on with the show, so they should just…
Coach comes out and says we are looking at the five superstars who will be competing in the RAW Challenge this week. But, Cena’s right about it all going on and Coach is now in charge, he’s going to make the following match in Vince’s honor. Orton will team with Booker to take on Lashley and Cena tonight. As for Foley, Vince read his book. Vince wasn’t happy with Foley’s distorting of the truth. So tonight Foley will be facing Umaga.

– Commercial

Next week will be a three hour RAW and all wrestlers are required to be there. It’s about the death of Vince.

Kendrick and London come down to the RAW ring for the first time. Haas and Benjamin come down to face them.
Haas and London tie up and Haas gains control. Arm bar on London who gets out and rolls Haas up for two. Haas drags London to the heel corner but London fights back. Shelton drops London from the outside when Haas distracts the ref. Shelton tags in. Shelton covers for two. London gets whipped.
King talks about how London was smiling last Monday when Vince was leaving the arena. London was the only person smiling and that makes King wonder about him as a person and if he might be involved in the limo explosion last week.
Shelton beats on London and keeps him from getting to the face corner. London finally gets to his corner and tags in Brian. Kendrick gains control until Shelton rushes in to break up Brian’s run. Shelton gets tossed form the ring. Brian runs up the corner with Haas’s head in his arm. He flips over taking Haas with him and covers for three.

– Winners: London & Kendrick

Coach is out back talking to the federal agent.

– Commercial

Carlito comes down to the ring. He’s not in wrestling gear. He introduces himself and says everyone knows he’s cool. But in this industry there was no one cooler than Vince. He wants to extend his sincerest sympathies to his families. He’s here to talk about the draft. There were two big winners – Flair and Torrie. Torrie left with a broken heart. Flair couldn’t take any more of Carlito.
Music starts and Sandman comes through the crowd. Carlito verbally rips apart Sandman. He’s pissed that he got interrupted. Sandman enters the ring and goes after Carlito with the kendo stick. Carlito quickly rolls from the ring. Sandman gets up on a corner and calls Carlito back to the ring, bleeding from the head from hitting himself with his own beer can.

– Commercial

Slam Of The Week – Two weeks ago when the Hardys lost the Tag Titles. Cade and Murdoch then attack Matt and Jeff.

Cryme Tyme Tyme is out back talking up Vince very intelligently and eloquently. But he was also a capitalist. It then turns into an auction show and they are selling Vince’s old coffee cup, the rest of his steak dinner and a bunch of other stuff. The federal agent walks up and says he needs to ask them a few questions. They walk off with him.

Cade and Murdoch are by the announce table. Daivari is in the ring. Jeff Hardy comes out to face him. Cade and Murdoch sit.
Daivari throws a couple punches and backs Jeff into a corner. Jeff takes Daivari down. Scoop slam to Daivari. Jeff climbs but Daivari knocks Jeff to a sitting position. “Hardy” chant. They exchange blows and Daivari gains control. Daivari covers for two. Daivari gets a sub-hold on Jeff in the center of the ring. They exchange blows and Jeff takes him down. Daivari get slammed face first to the mat. Jeff covers for two. Jeff climbs and hits the whisper in the wind for two. Reverse mule kick to Daivari in a corner. Jeff again covers for two. Scoop slam to Jeff and Daivari covers for two. Twist of fate from Jeff. Jeff then climbs and hits a swanton for three.

– Winner: Jeff Hardy

Cade grabs a mic and says that two weeks ago Matt and Jeff showed them the most un-sportsman-like conduct. Cade and Murdoch play by the books, but they finally had to respond. Jeff flies out over the top onto Cade and Murdoch. Cade and Murdoch get up screaming and yelling but the ref stops them. “Hardy” chant.

– Commercial

Coach is on the phone yelling about how he and everyone is getting questioned. He’s got so much to do. He didn’t realize how much there was to be done. He’s also got to meet with Sheik Productions. The Iron Sheik comes in and babbles along. He says he deserves his own show on RAW. Sheik keeps going on and on after Coach leaves. Ron Simmons comes up next to Sheik and says… “Damn!”

Regal comes up to maria and starts flirting. Santino comes up to Maria. Maria introduces them. Regal curls his lip and calls Santino, “The Italian.” Regal leaves and Maria gushes over Santino and says she’s glad he wasn’t drafted. He says he wants to be on the same show with Maria. She asks him to talk to her in Italian. He does and she gushes some more.

Grisham talks to Vince’s limo driver. He asks where the driver was last week. He says he was waiting to take Vince to his jet. He got a phone call from his wife, they’ve been having problems so he went to the other side of the arena where reception was better. After the phone call he starts to walk back and hears the explosion. He’s in total shock. If he’d been close to the limo he’d be dead too. He has a wife an kids. His heart goes out to Vince’s family. He just can’t believe it.

Foley is out back heading for the ring.

– Commercial

Replay of the video that started the show.

Foley’s music and he comes down to the ring. Umaga comes out to face him.
Foley attacks Umaga with a high knee while Umaga is still on the apron. Foley follows outside. A rake to Foley’s eyes and they are back in the ring. Foley throws punches in a corner. The ref pulls him off and Umaga gains the upper hand. Foley rolls outside. Umaga flies off the apron and Foley drive a fist into his gut. Foley hits Umaga over the head with a chair who sends the hair back at Foley. Umaga doesn’t go down and fights back. Umaga hits a bum slam on Foley who’s outside leaning against the side of the stairs. He knocks the top layer off the stairs and Umaga goes flying with them – looked kind of humorous. The ref protects Foley and makes Umaga stop.
The bell was never even rung for the start of the match. Foley is playing pathetic well as the ref calls for paramedics.

Cena is out back talking to the federal agent. A white limo backs into the area where they are standing.

– Commercial

Video of what just happened to Foley in the ring with Umaga.

Foley is out back being examined by the doctor. The federal agent wants to talk to Foley but gets kicked out by the doctor.

Kennedy comes down to the ring. He takes his mic and does his usual name yell… twice. He says he almost couldn’t bring himself to go out there tonight because he’s sick to his stomach. The first reason being is because they just lost Vince. The second reason is that he just got drafted to RAW. It’s no secret that he didn’t get along with SD! audience, but he doesn’t like us at all. We have no respect for talent. Vince was a genius, but we didn’t respect him. “You suck,” chant. He doesn’t like to toot his own horn, but he’s the greatest thing to grace the WWE, let alone RAW. But we have no respect for him. He a respectful guy. Not only did he respect Vince, but Vince was a friend of his. We all wish we knew Vince, but he knew him. He’d talk to him about anything – his career, his life, his home life. He told Kennedy that good things happen to good people. Great things happen to people who work really hard. They don’t get handed on silver platters to people who do nothing. That’s why we’re here and he’s there. From this day forward he will dedicate his career to Mr. Kennedy McMahon… McMahon.

The white limo is still outside. The driver gets out and stands in front of the back door but doesn’t open it.

– Commercial

A still is on the screen – In Memory of Sensational Sherri… RIP

Melina comes down to the ring. She’s in her normal two piece wrestling outfit in blue and gold. Jillian comes out in jeans and a denim halter top. She’s going to sing – yay. It’s in the memory of Vince. Mickie comes bouncing out in light blue pants and matching halter. Candice comes out in a sparkly black coat. She’s wearing a black on strapped jumper with a sparkling triangle bikini top covering the other tata.
Jillian and Candy fight in the ring. Hall’s foot comes down on Candy in a wrong way. It looks like to her face. Candy brushes it off and kicks Melina through the ropes. A spring board back elbow from Hall to Candy in a corner and Melina tags in. Melina takes Candy apart. Hall tags bak in. Snap mare to Candy and Hall keeps pulling on Candy’s hair. Hall slams Candy’s foot into Melina’s foot. Melina gets tagged in. Candy gets slammed face first to the mat. Candy kick Melina away and tries to get to Mickie and can’t Mickie finally gets the tag in her hometown. A suplex to Melina for two. Jillian rushes in and gets a hurricanrana for her troubles. A neck breaker to Melina. Mickie covers and Hall breaks the count. The heels double team Mickie. Candy rushes in and takes out Hall. Mickie is covering Melina and the ref is slow getting there. It’s only a one count. Melina uses her leg across Mickie throat to drop her. Melina covers, in a split, for three.

– Commercial

JR and King and talking about Vince. JR says Vince will be missed. King says the show will go on, but it won’t be the same. JR says the next bit will be graphic.

The video of Vince going out to the limo and it exploding.

The white limo is still outside with the driver standing next to it.

Orton comes down to the ring for his match. Booker and Sharmell come down to the ring. Lashley comes out to huge pop. Cena is last to the ring.
Lashley and Booker start. They get face to face in the center of the ring. Booker pushes Lashley. Lashley comes back and pushes Booker. They lock up. Lashley punches Booker to the mat. Suplex to Booker for two. Another punch drops Booker. Power slam to Booker for two. Cena tags in and Booker rushes over to tag in Orton. Suplex to Orton. Lashley tags in and they take down Orton. Booker rushes in and gets flipped over the top and outside.

– Commercial

Orton has a headlock on Cena in the center of the ring. Cena gets out but gets punched in a corner. Orton gets whipped then a bull dog. Booker tags in and Orton holds Cena from getting to Lashley. Booker kicks Cena and covers. Lashley breaks the count. Snap mare to Cena. Headlock to Cena in the center of the ring with Sharmell outside screaming. Back elbow to Cena. Orton tags in and stomps his way around Cena. Orton drops a knee to Cena chest for two. A headlock no Cena in the center of the ring. Cena slowly drags Orton to the face corner. Cena can’t do it and Cena drops to his knees. Cena fights back and out of the hold. He kicks Orton in the gut. They clothesline each other. Both struggle to get to their own corners. They both tag out. Lashley slams his shoulder into Booker’s gut in the corner. Lashley gets Booker up on his shoulders but Orton rushes in and slams into Lashley. Lashley gets Booker back up on his shoulder but Orton gets a blind tag and Booker gets out. Orton hits the RKO and covers Lashley for three.

– Winner: Orton & Booker

The driver opens the door and Steph climbs out looking distraught. She thanks the driver and heads into the building.

– Commercial

Promo for Snitsky.

Steph is out back talking to Coach. He says he’ll do it. He asks if she’s okay and if she wants him to escort her to the ring.

JR and King are talking about Father’s Day. They then talk about Vengeance.

Steph’s music and she slowly comes out to the ring. She’s dressed in a simple black dress. She takes a mic and says that on the behalf of the McMahon family she thanks for the sympathy, calls and emails. Though it was sometimes surprising. She says he father wanted to leave the world the way he lived it in a big way. Next week will be a three hour show, a celebration of Vince. Some may think he doesn’t deserve it. But this man is the only person who she ever thought of as dad. This week’s PPV may be called Vengeance, but there will be vengeance when they find out who did this to her dad. She looks up and mumbles about loving her dad. She drops the mic and leaves the ring before rushing up the stage.

Biggest pop
Jeff Hardy

Biggest heat

Most mixed review

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