RAW Report 6/1/09 Birmingham, Alabama

RAW this week starts with a cage around the ring. Orton and Legacy are inside. Orton poses with his strap above his head. He gets a mic from Ted and listens to the heat. Orton says at Extreme Rules he’ll be defending in a steel cage against Batista. He wants us to tell us if he should worried. The fans think so. He says they have no idea what they’re talking about. Batista should be worried about Orton. He’s the one who kicked Batista in the skull and kept him from WM. He’ll give Batista the biggest beating of his miserable life this Sunday. In a cage there are no rules and he can do whatever he wants. He can grind his skin into the metal, slam the door into his face, run him face first into every side of the cage over and over and over again. He’s sure Batista disagrees and would love to prove him wrong. In a few minutes he’ll get his chance. Orton spoke to Vicki and Batista has a Steel Cage Match tonight! Orton holds up a quarter and says – Heads it’s Cody, tails it’s Ted. Orton tosses the coin to the mat and it’s Cody. Cody takes the mic and says he knows exactly what to do. His father was in some of the greatest cage matches of all time. Cage matches are in his blood and he has no problem giving Batista a preview of Sunday. Orton says speaking of Sunday he’s going to give an image we’re all going to need to be accustom to. Orton jumps down from the door of the cage. He says that image is him walking out of the cage door, still WWE Champion. Flair’s music hits. Flair comes bouncing to the stage, takes off his jacket and flings it down. Orton says he knows Flair’s out there to tell Orton what Batista will do to him this Sunday. Flair says no! He’s there to tell him what he’s going to do to Orton tonight. Orton says Flair’s retired and not allowed to compete anymore. Flair calls Orton a punk. Says he always has been a punk and always will be a punk. Flair knows he can’t compete in the ring, but he’s still the Nature Boy. He’s going to come out every week and call out Orton until he grows a set and faces him one on one. But, but, but, but… Orton asks what Flair doesn’t understand about being retired. Flair asks what Orton doesn’t understand about woooooooo! About being a man! Flair’s not challenging him to a match, he’s calling him out. Flair and Orton in the parking lot. Flair will fight to the finish. To the end. When one man can walk, he’s the winner. Flair keeps calling Orton a punk. Is Orton going to grow a set and agree to the fight to the finish? Flair keeps calling Orton a punk again, over and over. The fans get in on it. Orton accepts. Flair throws down the mic and starts to leave but Orton stops him. He tells Flair tonight’s a night he will never forget because it’s one he won’t be able to remember.

– Commercial

Cody’s in the ring waiting while Lilian explains the rules of the Cage Match. “Batista” chants. He comes out to the ring. The refs lock the cage door.

Cody backs around the ring and shakes the cage door. Batista laughs at him. Cody gets away and tries to climb out, but it doesn’t happen. Cody goes after Batista and slams him down. Cody outside the ropes and tries to slam Batista into the cage. Batista slams Cody back. Batista’s food grinds Cody’s head into the cage. Shoulder blocks to Cody in a corner. Spear to Cody. Batista taunts Cody while Orton comes down to the ring. Orton stares and paces as Batista hits a spine buster. Batista shakes the ropes and stares at Orton while Cody tries to escape. Batista grabs him and pulls him down and into a Batista bomb for three.

– Winner: Batista

Orton stares into the ring and seethes at Batista. Video of the spear and then the win. Batista poses up top and then gets down to continue to taunt Orton.

Vicki and Chavo in her office. She says to someone it’s great. That this person and Miz will face Cena and a partner. What’s the problem? The camera pans out and it’s Big Show. He says he doesn’t like Miz and the way he runs his mouth with the bogus winning streak against Cena. That’s a slap in Big Show’s face. Chavo says he knows Big Show down’t have good chemistry with Miz. Cena’s not going to have good chemistry with his partner either. Big Show asks who’s Cena’s partner. Vicki tells Chavo to grab the bag. She says every superstar’s name is in the bag and she’ll pull one at random to tag with Cena. Big Show reaches in and pulls a name. He doesn’t look happy and hands it to Vicki. Turns out Chavo will tag with Cena. Big Show says tonight he’s going to hurt Cena. If Chavo gets in his way he will hurt him too. He asks if they’re clear and then leaves.

– Commercial

Cena video from Backlash leading up to Extreme Rules, his feud with Big Show.

Kelly comes out to the ring in pink and white. Mickie comes bouncing out in blue and white. Beth comes out with Rosa in tow. Maryse follows in black and white with her strap over her shoulder.

Maryse was tossed from the ring before the match even started. Mickie worked over Beth. Kelly tags in but Beth gets Kelly up over her head. Head scissors to Beth but then Kelly eats a back breaker for two. Maryse tags in and works over Kelly. Beth rushes in and Mickie flies in onto her. Maryse takes Kelly down hard for three.

– Winners: Beth & Maryse

– Commercial

WWE Rewind – Carlito and Primo faces Haas and Benjamin on Superstars. Cryme Tyme interrupted and distracted Haas. Carlito got the three.

Carlito and Primo come out to the ring with all four straps draped on their bodies. Regal’s music and he comes out looking snotty. Matt Hardy comes out to join him, holding his casted hand close to his chest.

Regal and Primo start. They go back and forth. Primo attacks Matt with a cheap shot, but Regal uses that to get the upper hand. Matt tags in and they double team Primo. Matt pins for two. Primo bounced face first in a corner and then elbows to his head. Regal tags in and they double team again. Regal covers for two. Chin/armlock on Primo. Primo from the hold but a knee to the gut and an upper cut for two. Matt tags in and works over Primo in the heel corner. Regal tags in and they again double team Primo. Primo starts to fight back but a big suplex from Regal stops him. Matt gets a blind tag for the two. Leg drop on Primo. Matt shows off and goes for another leg drop but Primo moves. Regal and Carlito tag in. Carlito gains control. A springboard back elbow from Carlito but Matt breaks the count. Matt tried to use his cast on Carlito but nails Regal with it. Carlito hits his back cracker for three.

– Winners: Carlito & Primo

Matt and Regal argue in the ring.

– Commercial

Flair’s out in the parking lot. Batista comes up and Flair tells him not to say a word. Flair says Batista should thank him for beating Orton’s brains out before Batista faces him. Flair said he has to do this to prove himself. He said he’d never retire but he had to retire. He misses what he’s loved his entire life. For 35 years he went to the ring knowing he’s the best. He wakes up wanting to be Flair one more time. Batista tells Flair he’s the man. Flair says if he hears that one more time he’s going ot vomit! A lot of people have forgotten what he used to be. He needs Batista to let Flair be himself one more time. He needs Batista to not be his hero. He needs a friend. He needs to believe Flair can go out and do this like he used to. Batista says he’s his friend and his mentor and he loves him. He’ll always believe in him. They hug and Flair says that’s what he needs.

Regal and Matt Hardy in Vicki’s office. Matt says they have something she needs to hear. He knows Regal screwed up the match. Regal took exception to this. Vicki wants to know why she should give them another chance. Does she owe them for life? Why should she give them any thing? Regal says they have a plan. Matt says tonight Vicki will go one on one with Santino. She freaks out about doing that again. Regal says they all know Vicki will beat Santina this Sunday, so why not warm up with Santino. Matt whispers the plan in her ear. She starts laughing and says she likes it. Then she snorts like a pig and Regal rolls his eyes. Matt is a bit freaked by the snorts too.

Cena heading for the ring and comes up on Chavo. Cena takes off and Chavo asks what’s wrong. He says he has Cena’s back and they will win!

Miz comes out and says this is a golden age in the WWE because Miz is 6-0 against Cena. Cena’s captured the hearts of millions of nine year old kids, but he’ll never capture back his self respect. These kids love Cena like the Jonahs Brothers and Sponge Bob. Cena’s in the same category as Hannah Montana! While the Miz is in a category all by himself. Look to your left and right, then look to Miz as this is what a winner looks like. Tonight he plans on going 7-0 because he’s the Miz and he’s awesome.

– Commercial

Big Show comes out to join Miz. Video of the Five On Five Match last week when Big Show was taken down. Chavo is next to the ring. Cena comes out to round out the tag match.

Big Show tells Miz to stay out of his way. Miz goes to the apron. Huge “Cena” chants. Cena throws punches but runs into a side slam. Punch to Cena’s gut, forearm to his back and then more punches! Head butt to Cena. Cena grabs Big Show, but can’t lock on the STF. Big Show kicks Cena through the ropes and out. Miz jumps off the apron and punches Cena. Big Show goes mental on Miz and screams that he wasn’t supposed to touch Cena. Cena back in the ring and a head butt from Big Show. Cena ducks a forearm and gets Big Show up, but Cena falls back with Big Show on top. Leg drops to Cena. Miz takes a blind tag but goes around the ring to avoid Big Show before getting in the ring. Miz covers for two while Big Show seethes. Flying clothesline to Cena in a corner. Miz stomps Cena in a corner. Miz covers for two. Cena starts fighting back. Shoulder block to Miz then a suplex! Five knuckle shuffle to Miz. Cena gets Miz up for the AA, but Big Show tags in on Miz’s ankle. The ref did not see the tag, but Big Show comes in anyway. Chokeslam to Cena but the ref throws Big Show out. Mix refuses to tag out and Big Show punches Miz’s lights out. Chavo tags in and pins Miz for three.

– Winners: Chavo & Cena

Cena gets Chavo up and hit the AA. Big Show comes in at Cena’s invitation. They start. Cena gets his feet up in a corner. Cena off the ropes, but runs into Big Show’s fist. Cena’s out and Big Show locks on his camel clutch neck breaker. Big Show lets Cena flop to the mat and gets huge heat. Big Show stands over Cena. Big Show up the ramp and smirks on the stage.

– Commercial

Video of what just transpired between Cena and Big Show post match.

Josh Matthews with MVP and Kofi. MVP says Kofi earned his shot at the US Championship. He didn’t kiss Vicki’s ample posterior to get the match. Kofi continues the love talking about MVP going after Orton when he first got to RAW. MVP’s win last week was great. Josh says the respect each other, but who’s going to win tonight. They both say, “I am” at the same time. MVP asks if Kofi’s been drinking too much Red Stripe and hanging out in the Jamaican sun because he’s not leaving the US Champion. Kofi says there’s nothing wrong with being a former Champion. It will give MVP and his prom date Sherri Shepherd something to talk about the next time MVP’s on The View. MVP says because he respects him doesn’t mean he won’t beat him. They go back and forth will little smiles and nods.

Kofi to the ring. Video of Kofi winning last Monday. MVP comes out to face him. A picture of MVP and Sherri as they were named King and Queen of a prom this past weekend.

They lock up and Kofi is pushed off. Kofi goes for a leg but MVP moves. They lock up and MVP gets an arm bar. Kofi tries to roll out but MVP holds on. Kofi tries again but MVP holds on. A kick but MVP deflects. Side headlock on MVP. Side headlock takeover on MVP! MVP and Kofi reverse holds until Kofi gets a back slide for two. Kick to MVP’s face and they talk smack in a corner. Body lock on Kofi in the center of the ring. They work to their feet and Kofi elbows out. Back elbow to MVP after Kofi jumps over him a couple times as they run the ropes. Kofi pins for a long two. Scoop slam and MVP gets the pin for two. MVP’s ballin’ for two. Kofi is whipped but moves and kicks MVP in the head. Kofi climbs but MVP attacks. MVP up top too and hits a great superplex. MVP gets a two from it. Kofi manages to roll Kofi up for two. They reverse pins back and forth until they double clothesline. Both are down for 8. Kofi gets the first blow. MVP fights back. Suplex to Kofi for two. Kofi somehow flipped MVP back for two in a beautiful way. Kofi goes for a dropkick that’s swatted away. They both try for finishers that are reverses. They again reverse pin and Kofi manages to get the three!

– Winner: Kofi

Kofi won the US Championship! MVP grabs the strap and gives it to Kofi with a ballin’ signal to him. Kofi celebrates in the ring while MVP back up the ramp with a semi-smirk on his face. Video of the pinfall.

Orton out back/ Ted asks why he’s doing this. Orton asks if Ted thinks he has a problem beating Flair. Ted says not in the ring, but this is a fight to the finish in a parking lot. Flair’s desperate. He hates that he’s retired and is the dirtiest player in the game. Orton has everything to lose and nothing to gain. If Orton gets hurt… Orton says this is a preview for Batista, what will happen to him this Sunday in the cage. Ted says that’s exactly what Cody said.

Lilian announces Vicki to the ring. Vicki comes out with two buckets of slop, one in each hand.

– Commercial

Slam Of The Week – Mickie and Santino beat Beth and Chavo last week. Santino came up with a Hog Pen Match for Vicki and Santina at the PPV.

Vicki in the ring posing for her fans. Santino comes out to face her. Video of a hog pen from a previous match. A ‘Bring Back Kennedy’ sign in the front of the crowd. Another sign read, “I don’t know what to do with my hands” in regards to Kennedy’s hand video on Facebook. Santino grabs a bucket and tastes it. She looks nervous and falls on her ample posterior. He’s posed to hit Vickie with the slop but Matt and Regal rush the ring behind him. Santino spins really quickly and sprays slop in an arch. Matt got some of it, but Regal got a face full. Even a camera got doused with slop. The fans go wild. Santino laughs as Cole complains of the smell. Regal is seething! They attack Santino and stomp him down. Cole says he’s covered in it. Suplex from Regal on Santino. Regal holds Santino and Matt hits him in the head with his cast. Regal and Matt leave the ring, Vicki laughs at Santino. Vicki grabs the other bucket, still laughing at Santino. She slowly dumps some slop on his crotch. She calls to him from up close and then starts dumping on his face. He barely flinched. Down his body and then back up with the slop until the bucket was empty.

Flair out back getting ready for his fight.

– Commercial

Video about Jeff and Edge leading up to Extreme Rules.

Cole and King in the ring talk about Extreme Rules. They then go through the matches slated for the PPV. The cage comes down around them when they talk about Orton and Batista in the cage.

Orton heading for the parking lot.

– Commercial

Orton is heading to find Flair and jumping at every noise. He jumps a barrier and looks around for Flair. Orton calls out for Flair. Flair sneaks behind cars and attacks Orton from behind by throwing him into a garage door. Chops to Orton’s chest. Kicks from Orton. Flair fights back and tosses Orton into a pile of poles that crash. Flair stand on Orton’s head. Orton sends Flair flying through crates. Flair tosses Orton on a rolling crate and rolls him into a table and pile of stuff. Orton hits the floor hard. Huge chops to Orton. Orton slammed down on a table. They go into a very poorly lit area and it’s about impossible to see. Orton’s in control. They then end up in the crowd. Flair is bounced off something metal and is down. Orton kicks Flair and then stomp him. Punches to Flair and he’s tossed on the top of the ramp. Orton stomps his way around Flair. Orton over Flair and throws punches. Flair’s busted open! Orton is about to toss Flair off the stage but Flair fights back. Flair’s hand was full of blood, but his face suddenly looked fine, only abraded! Flair kicks a down Orton. Flair chops Orton who falls back and rolls much of the way down the ramp. Flair rips at Orton’s face and then throws punches. It’s the top of Flair’s bald spot that’s gashed open and bleeding. Orton seems to be bleeding too. Flair’s shirt has a center section of blood where Orton’s head had been. The cage is still down around the ring and Flair throws Orton face first into it. Chops to Orton against the cage. They work their way around. Orton into the steps. Orton’s chest is lightly coated in blood. Orton sent into the barrier. Flair pulls the surround off the announce table and takes the top area apart. A big chop and Orton lands on the table, his neck/shoulder seems to be coated in blood and I can’t see where it’s coming from. Punches to Orton on the table. Flair up on the announce table and stomps the heck out of Orton’s knee. Figure four on the announce table! Finally I see a gouge under Orton’s left nipple, but there has to be more damage than that for the blood. Then Legacy is there attacking Flair to get him off Orton. Orton slides away as Flair’s tossed into the cage. Flair then back first into the cage. Legacy slides Flair into the cage. They keep beating on Flair in the ring. Double suplex to Flair. Orton from the door yelling at Legacy to get on Flair. They continue to stomp Flair. Orton then has Legacy leave the ring and lock the door with a chain and lock. Orton keeps working on Flair. Batista finally runs out and chases off Legacy. He realizes he can’t get in the door. He keeps trying to get through the door, pulling on the chain, pulling on the door. Orton sets Flair up and hits the RKO. Batista is still outside pacing and freaking out. He kicks the steps and yells for his friend. Orton taunts Flair and then stares at Batista. Orton slowly backs up and then runs at Flair while Batista yells for Flair. Orton punts Flair (barely touched him). Orton and Batista are then eye to eye through the cage as Orton shakes and Batista threatens him.

Biggest pop

Biggest heat

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