RAW Report 11/22/10 Orlando, Florida

RAW this week starts with Cole talking about what a gut wrenching PPV SS was last night. King talks about what Cena might do last night. Cena counted Wade out and handed Orton the Title. Because of that, Cena was fired!

Nexus’ music. Out comes Wade. Then the rest of the boys join him, lined up on the stage. They all come down to the ring. King goes on and on about Cena doing the right thing and it costing him his future in the WWE. HUGE heat for Wade and Nexus. “You suck! Chants for Wade.

Wade says last night Cena looked him in the eye – serious heat! Wade asked for some decorum and got more heat and huge “You suck!” chants. Many anti-Nexus posters. Wade says, last night – HUGE heat, again! He’s really bloody hated! Then the “You suck!” and “Cena” chants. Wade says, hard luck, I fired him, then sneered. Shall he try again? Last night Cena looked him in the eye and told him he knew what he was doing. That means two things. Number one, he was willing to sacrifice his entire career for what he felt was the right thing. Number two, he went into that match without a fighting chance. Cena knew Wade wouldn’t become Champion. Cena went in biased and that’s not fair. In the entire history of the WWE, an officially has never once been allowed to place his hands on a competitor, but that’s what Cena did. He distracted Wade, then pushed him into an RKO. He doesn’t think an injustice is something they should cheer. It was unjust, unfair and unprofessional. That’s why he’s out there. In the name of justice he’d like another opportunity to take on Orton. This time with a neutral ref to prove he can beat Orton and become Champion.

Ding-Ding! Cole calls for attention and gets heat. And I quote, “There’s no question that there’s some validity to this supposition by Wade Barrett. And there’s no doubt in my mind that Randy Orton would like to prove his individual superiority. Therefore, the WWE Championship will be defended when Wade Barrett faced Randy Orton for the Title and it will happen, tonight.”

Wade really likes this idea. He thanks the GM for such a gracious decision, he’s greatly appreciative. But in anticipation of such an announcement, he’s decided to let Cena appear here tonight. Don’t get me wrong, he enjoyed firing him last night, but as a fellow competitor and a gentleman, he felt he owed it to Cena to allow him to come say his final words to the WWE Universe. Believe Wade, he’ll enjoy listening to those final words, almost as much as he’ll enjoy becoming the WWE Champion.

Nexus leaves the ring. King asks if Cole read that email right. Cole wonders if Cena will show tonight. King can’t believe Wade uses the words fairness after what he’s done. They go on to talk about the main event. Cole then says Cena will be there live on RAW.

– Commercial

King and Cole talk about King Of The Ring coming up. Cole says he has an announcement. Cole stands and announces the newest member of the RAW announce team. Cole says CM Punk will be joining the team. King was confused. Cole said King surprised him with JR, so – Punk out to announce and says he’s there for the foreseeable future. (I said last week that I think Punk’s fabby on announce!

KOTR Qualifying Match – Sheamus Vs. R-Truth w/ Eve

Justin announced this match and Sheamus who came out to the ring. R-Truth out singing, Eve dancing. Cole doesn’t like Eve’s dancing, says she looks like she’s having an epileptic fit. Punk says R-Truth needs to stop rapping and work on his wrestling skills. No way he’s getting through Sheamus. Cheap pop for Orlando from R-Truth.

Sheamus backs R-Truth into a corner, then a side headlock takeover by Sheamus. They grapple a bit on the mat. Side headlock back on and keeps a tight hold on R-Truth. Up, down to the mat, then up to their feet again. Sheamus again takes R-Truth down, head under Sheamus’ arm! Back to their feet, and R-Truth free. They exchange blows. R-Truth whipped, but floats over. R-Truth ducks under Sheamus’ clothesline, then kicks Sheamus in the face. Sheamus from the ring as Punk says ‘vintage’ R-Truth! Cole is upset that Punk stole his line!

– Commercial

Arm bar on R-Truth, knee on the side of his head on the mat. Sheamus works him over hard! Eve gets the fans going from outside. R-Truth up and punches out. Knee stops R-Truth and Sheamus pins for two. Arm hold on R-Truth, back on the mat. Sheamus and R-Truth sell the hold even though it’s very obviously nothing. Up to their feet, R-Truth with punches, but then Sheamus slams R-Truth down hard, then pins him for two. Dueling “Let’s go Sheamus” and “Let’s go R-Truth” chants!

Jaw breaker to Sheamus and they both need to regroup. Sheamus rushes R-Truth in a corner, R-Truth moves, Sheamus shoulder first into the corner. R-Truth on Sheamus with blows and kicks. A couple clotheslines to Sheamus, then a ‘What’s up?’ R-Truth runs into a back elbow but hit’s a hip toss and R-Truth pins for two. R-Truth tries to suplex but is blocked. Sheamus gets R-Truth on his shoulder, but R-Truth slides off. R-Truth kicks Sheamus high in a corner. R-Truth out to the apron and climbs. Missile dropkick to Sheamus for two.

R-Truth first to his feet, but then ends up rolled up for two. Brogue kick from Sheamus, but Sheamus doesn’t cover. Sheamus pulls R-Truth up and sets up for his finisher and is able to hit the high cross for three.

Winner – Sheamus Qualifies for KOTR

Video of the high points.

The announce team talks about Cena’s DVD. Then they show a clip of the DVD, going back to WM26. Cena talks to the camera, then heads off to ready for the show. He talked to Mean Gene, then went and waited. Cena walked backstage, then headed for the ring. Back to King talking about Cena being fired, addressing the fans and he hopes Cena lets Wade and Nexus have it. All the while depressing music played.

– Commercial

Lay-Cool backstage. They’re talking about losing their Titles. They’re stopped on their way into the arena. This is the entrance for the RAW Superstars. Their names aren’t on his list. Natalya walks up. He asks her if she knows them. “Never saw them a day before in my life.” He then throws them out. The fans love it.

Backstage Santino talks to Kozlov about losing last night. They were so close to winning he could taste it and it was delicious! Kozlov quietly said they’ll beat them next time. Tomorrow is another day. Santino says tomorrow’s not guaranteed. He’s so depressed! Is there anything that can make him feel better. Music playing, Tamina singing to Santino. He leans for a kiss and she plants one on him. She stands, mouths for him to call her. He melts.

Backstage Orton’s readying, Josh shows up. He says Orton defeated Wade last night, can he do it again tonight. Orton says anyone who saw SS knows Cena called his match down the middle. He could have taken the easy way out, but didn’t. He counted the 1-2-3 and for that it cost him his career. It’s no secret they’ve never been the best of friends, but he respects the hell out of Cena. As far as his match tonight, it doesn’t matter who the ref is, Orton guarantees Wade’s not leaving this arena with the Title. The fans love that!

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WWE Slam Of The Week – Zeke taking out everyone in his path with straight out power!

Ezekiel Jackson Vs. Alex Riley

Big Zeke out to the ring, big and scary, but smiling! Riley out by himself. He says he has some news. Ten minutes ago the most awesome competitor of all suffered an anxiety attack. Therefore he’s been authorized to take his place and authorize for him. Zeke gives a huge smile to this! Zeke’s ready. Riley into the ring. Cole is all upset he didn’t know Miz had this attack, he’d have called him, sent flowers!

Zeke’s all smiles as Riley grabs Zeke around the waist. Zeke reverses it, but Riley to the ropes and free. Zeke whips Riley, but Zeke eats the corner. Big splash from Riley. Riley then lands a DDT-type move on Zeke for two. Headlock on Zeke in the center of the ring. Zeke muscles out and sends Riley flipping. Riley bounced off the ropes, then into a splash. Big clothesline to Riley. Zeke’s huge smile, then a clothesline in the corner. Riley slammed down hard with one arm and pins for three.

Winner – Zeke Qualifies for KOTR

Video of the high points, then Zeke poses and smiles for the fans.

Backstage Cena talks to R-Truth and Eve. Gail Kim up for a hug. Handshakes to Santino, then Yoshi.

– Commercial

King and Cole with Punk at announce talking about Cena arriving. King says Wade’s either here to gloat or it’s a trap. Punk says it can’t be a trap, Cena’s already fired.

Cena out, smirk on his face, all goofy. Smiles, salute, then down to the ring. He bounces around in the ring, then throws his hat out to a fan. He talks to people, notices signs, then poses for the fans. He actually gets some pop, though some heat still. Cena says if you’re going to go out, that’s how you do it, not in a ref’s shirt, not carrying someone’s bags. If he’s leaving, then he’s going out like this! “Cena” chants fill the arena. Cena says in case you’ve been locked in sports entertainment solitary confinement, Randy Orton’s still the WWE Champion. Means Cena’s fired. Huge heat. A decision that was probably, but he didn’t think it would happen.

Forget about it! Before this job, he was living in his car cleaning toilets. He didn’t think any of it would happen! Over the years the fans gave got to know him. Here’s the deal though, you only see what you see on TV. There’s a lot about him and everybody else that the fans don’t know. He only has a few seconds so he has to tell us one thing – you guys have no idea how much he respects this company. Not just this company today, but every single person who’s allowed him to be there today. Guys like Steve Austin, HHH, HBK, Taker. When he got a chance in the WWE, championships were one thing, but his goat was to be able to look each of them in the eye and for them to say back to him, you’re alright. He’s out there with a smile on his face and many thinks he might have got a bad deal out of this. This has been pretty wonderful. He’s got to dance in this ring with HOFers. He got to travel the world, meet millions and millions of people and live out a fantasy. So he’s not going to let what Nexus doing to him the past couple months ruin what’s been the best nine years of his life.

One thing the fans might not know, life moves pretty fast in the WWE. He remembers when he started, the WWE was a very big part of his life. Then, the WWE became his life. It was by his choice. He wanted to give every thing he had to each fan. Every time he stepped in these ropes! It takes sacrifice. His family has been so patient with him. They’ve let him step back and be him and be okay with it. His brother Matt just had a baby girl and he missed it. (Cena’s in tears!) His mom’s birthday is in a couple days (My Mom’s is today!). He laughs. He’s going to leave here tonight and go to West Newbury tonight. Matt and Cov, he’s sorry he missed Shelby being born. Hear she’s big, 9lbs 7oz. Missed her being born, but he’s coming to see her for the first time. His mom is going to get the best birthday present in ten years because he’s going to hug her and tell her he loves her. Can’t buy her that!

Cena’s bawling! “Cena!” chants. He says they’re being nice, he looks like an idiot up there. Forget it, if he’s going to be an idiot, he’s going to be an idiot. One thing he’s always loved is the fans are always honest. If he’s walking out one more time, he wants to hear half the arena yell, ‘Let’s go Cena’ and the other half say – No, if we’re going to do it, we’re going to do it right. He wants every woman and every child say ‘Let’s go Cena’ and every guy over the age of 18 say, ‘Cena sucks!’ Is that alright? It got messed up, so he got them going again and they were perfect! Loudest I’ve veer heard them and he smiled so brightly! Cena mouthed to the camera that they’re still going. He had to step in to stop the chants! They might still be going if he hadn’t! He said it was beautiful and thanked them for it. He reminds the fans that it’s our passion that keeps all of them coming back. Every single time he heard it, he knew he earned it, no matter what the chant.

He wants to take one second before he leaves and says something to Wade Barrett. Heat from the fans. He says he knows, but here’s the shame of it all, he actually thinks the kid (even though Cena’s less than three years older that Wade!) has a little bit of talent and wants to help him out before Cena leaves. See Wade, do yourself a favor, take a bit of advice from a grizzled, disgruntled ex-employee who wears purple and may have accidentally peed in your coffee once or twice, stop taking shortcuts. Stop trying to take the easy way out. These fans will give you everything if you give everything in return. Success in this business is due to consistent performance, day in and day out. Give them everything and they will give everything back to you. They’re probably going to fine him, but they’ve already fired him – Wade, karma’s a bitch! (Of course they bleeped most of that out!) The fans love it though! If you keep taking shortcuts, trust him, it will come back to haunt you. Cena then says Billy Kidman’s probably about ready to strangle himself because he’s way over what they told him. He could go into thank you’s, but that would take all night, so he’s going to save the thank you lists to one very important thank you. For the WWE Universe. Thanks you for letting him share his life with us for the past nine years. Thank you for understanding all this. Thank you for standing up for the WWE. Thank you for showing up everyday. Thank you for watching every Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, whenever WWE’s on. Thank you for allowing idiots like him to come out and live this wonderful, wonderful dream. It’s all because of us. I love you to death, let’s go home! He kisses his dog tags, leaves the ring and up the ramp. On the stage he stops, smiles, turns, kisses again, then salutes and leaves with his head held high.

Women in the crowd are in tears. Kids look to be in shock. One smiled when he realized he was on TV.

Backstage Cena walks out through the wrestlers and refs, all clapping. At the end is Orton. Orton walks up, they shake, then hug. Cena walks out (and his limo blows up?). Nope, Wade steps up behind Cena, gives the ‘you can’t see me’ face wave, then turns to the camera smiling.

– Commercial

Mean Gene’s wweshop.com’s promo, showing that sweet green women’s green ‘old school’ T-shirt that I so love.

KOTR Qualifying Match – Ted DiBiase w/ Maryse Vs. Daniel Bryan

Ted DiBiase in the ring as Punk says, “John Cena has left the building.” Maryse is on the apron making pissy faces and playing with her hair. Bryan out to the ring to Cole’s nastiness that Punk comments on. One of the Brie runs down as Punk yells to watch out, a fan! She grabs his arm, flirts, holds tightly. Bryan seems to sort of blow her off a bit. Cole’s disgusted, Punk says she’s a 4, at best. Brie is leaning on the apron, licking her lips and about salivating over Bryan!

Ted rushes Bryan and on him hard as soon as the bell rings. Bryan sent to run the ropes, then threw Bryan into the air to fall to the mat. Knee to Bryan for two. Ted hangs Bryan up top, then he flips to the mat. Ted pins for two. Body lock on Bryan on the mat. Bryan elbows out, but then a knee to the gut. Bryan whipped, but moves out of the way and Ted splashes the corner. Running drop kick to Ted in a corner, but then Bryan runs into a huge spine buster. Ted pins Bryan for two.

Bryan tries to lock on his LeBell lock. Finally he gets the lock on and Ted taps.

Winner – Bryan Qualifies for KOTR

Brie in to check on Bryan. Then Nikki runs down to the ring and in to Bryan. They start pushing each other away from him. Bryan stepped back and pushed the Bellas into each other’s arms. Bryan leaves them there.

– Commercial

Natalya © Vs. Alicia Fox

Natalya out to the ring, strap in hand, huge smile on face. She poses on a corner, all smiles. Pics of Natalya on Beth’s shoulders at the SS last night. Fox out to the ring, strutting.

Natalya locks on Fox, but is sent flying off. Natalya hit’s a monkey flip, but then tripped to eat a second turnbuckle pad. Natalya pulled up and slammed down by her hair. Fox stands on Natalya’s hair and pulls her up as Punk says Fox is a 9.8. He takes off the points for Fox’s outfit, a bit on the rinky-dink side, not in a good way either. King asked about Natalie? Coke and Punk said her name is Natalya. King says he calls her Nattie, Natalie, Natalya. Oops, King slipped up, called her by her real name! Fox grabbed Natalya’s hair and came away with a chunk of extension. Natalya punches Fox, then slams her down by her hair. A huge bitch slap, then Natalya gets her up for that delayed vertical she does, squats included! Natalya only got two from it.

Natalya set up for the sharpshooter, but Fox grabs the ropes. Bear hug on Fox, then Natalya gets Fox on her shoulder, but Fox rolls through for two. Natalya sets up and is able to lock on the sharpshooter. Fox taps out hard!

Winner – Natalya

Natalya went over picked up her chunk of hair. She took the strap from the ref, handed him her hair, then kissed the belt. Many smiles and much posing with her greatly deserved belt.

Melina and JoMo talking backstage. They’re being all cute. She wishes him luck in his match. He turns, she slaps his ass. He turns, smiles. She shrugs and smiles. Guess the WWE is back to acknowledging their relationship.

– Commercial

WWE Rewind – Kidd turning on Smith last week during their match, giving the win to Nexus.

KOTR Qualifying Match – John Morrison Vs. Tyson Kidd

JoMo out to the ring in his normal slo-mo way. He’s got quite a lot of scruff on his face. Punk made a comment, happily, about Cena being fired. Kidd out seeming to be the heel now.

Arm bar on JoMo, then JoMo back Kidd into a corner. Back kick to JoMo, then JoMo into the corner face first. Kidd stomps JoMo in a corner, then out to slam JoMo face down on the apron, then kick him in the face. Kidd in to pin for two.

Headlock on JoMo, demands the ref ‘ask him!’ JoMo fights up, then punches Kidd in the gut, gets a forearm to the face, but then kicks JoMo in the face. Punches to Kidd, then another sick JoMo kick for two. Kidd runs the ropes, then grabs on to pull himself out. When JoMo went to grab Kidd, Kidd attacked. Back in Kidd hit’s a sweet swinging neck breaker for two. Kidd on JoMo hard in a corner, then whips JoMo. JoMo gets an elbow up. JoMo went up to the second to bounce off at Kidd. Kidd went up and grabbed JoMo. JoMo pushes Kidd off, then bounces to the opposite second rope and flies a kick at Kidd. JoMo hit starship pain for three!

Winner – JoMo Qualifies for KOTR

JoMo celebrates in corners, poses. Video of JoMo’s last two moves in this match, then the pinfall. Punk says to King that at least he knew what parkour was. King thought it was the floor in the old Boston garden! (That would be the famous parquet flooring. Only part of which was moved to the Fleet Center, the rest chopped up and sold as souvenirs.)

Split screen – backstage Orton and Barrett head for the ring.

– Commercial

WWE Championship match – Randy Orton © Vs. Wade Barrett

Orton out and only part way down the ramp when Nexus out and attacks him from behind. They’re all on top of him while Wade barks orders at them. Tons of refs out to break it all up. Orton’s rolling on the floor, holding his right knee. Orton finally makes it to his feet and Husky runs out and kicks Orton in the knee. Orton back on the floor, really holding that knee. “Nexus sucks!” chants fill the arena. Orton’s selling the severe pain beautifully!

– Commercial

Back to the announce team, Cole talking about what Nexus just did to Orton. Wade’s music and he comes out with a huge smile. He poses in the ring and gets HUGE heat. Cole says a message just came into his Blackberry. “Nexus has been banned from ringside for this WWE championship match.” Punk asks if that matters? The damage has already been done. “You suck” chants for Wade in the ring as he argues with the ref. Orton’s music and he limps out to the ring, selling in a big way. Orton rolls into the ring, then staggers a bit. Justin then announces Wade and Orton.

The bell rings, they circle, Orton on Wade with punches, but Wade kicks at Orton’s knee. Orton backed into a corner, then Wade works over the knee in the ropes. “Randy!” chants. Wade outside, slams Orton’s knee on the apron a couple times, then in to pin for two. Wade keeps working that knee over, slamming it onto the mat, then pinning for two again. Wade wrenches on Orton’s knee, but Orton kicks Wade in the bum, sending him into the corner face first. Backbreaker to Wade, but Wade goes right back onto Orton’s knee. Wade gets Orton up, hits wasteland (crappy finisher) and pins Orton. The ref down to count, but shocker of shockers, Cena rushes into the ring area and pulls the ref from the ring.

Cena into the ring, hits an AA on Wade, then punches on him. Cena flees when Nexus rush the area. The ref crawls back into the ring as both Wade and Orton get to their feet. Wade rushes Orton but eats an RKO! Orton pins Wade for three.

Winner & still WWE Champion – Randy Orton!

The ref helps a staggering Orton to his feet, gives him his belt, raises his hand. But then – ‘Awesome!’ and Miz runs down, case in hand! Miz hands the case over as Punk says this looks really familiar to him.

WWE Championship Match – Randy Orton © Vs. Miz w/ Riley

The bell rings and Orton right after than knee. Miz keeps going after that knee, stalking Orton. Big kick to that knee, then Miz stops and drops elbows on it. Miz drops a knee. Miz outside, slams Orton’s knee into the ring post. Miz then slams Orton’s knee around the post again. Punches on Orton’s head. “Randy” chants. Orton was able to kick Miz away. Miz eats a clothesline. Miz tries for a full nelson. Orton elbows out. Miz sent into the ropes chest first, then tries for the SCF, but eats an uppercut. Orton staggers. Miz on the apron, Orton tries for his DDT, but Miz slides through the ropes and chops at Orton knee. Miz rushes Orton, but runs into that uber fast scoop slam! Orton pounds the mat, he’s ready. Orton tries for the RKO, but Miz reverses into the SCF and pins Orton for three!

Winner & new WWE Champion – Miz!

Miz celebrates all over the ring, poses with the frozen spinner belt. The camera focuses in on a little girl of about ten who was very obviously very pissed about Orton’s loss. Her brows were very heavily furrowed and all she did was blink, look back and forth.

Video of Nexus beating down Orton early on. Then onto Miz slamming Orton’s knee around followed by the SCF. Miz and Riley celebrate on the stage while Orton lolls on the floor by the stairs, holding his knee, seething at Miz over the loss.

Biggest pop

Biggest heat
Wade Barrett / Nexus!

Biggest emotional mess
Biggest mixed reaction
Biggest smile maker
John Cena

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