Raven Talks Relationship With CM Punk, Says Scripted Promos Are Ruining Wrestling

Raven, who has worked for every American mainstream wrestling company in recent history, recently took part in an interview with ESPN where he questioned WWE’s style of scripted promos. Raven also talked about working with CM Punk in Ring of Honor, and Punk crediting Raven with teaching him the psychology of the wrestling business. Below are some of the highlights.

CM Punk crediting Raven for taking Punk under his wing during their ROH feud in 2003:
“I never realized I helped him that much. Maybe he was listening when I thought he was arguing with me. I thought he would’ve looked back with less than fondness on me because we butted heads quite a bit, but I’m glad he didn’t.”

Scripted promos being bad for the wrestling business:
“I think it’s bad for the business. Now they write promos for people. In the old days, you got bullet points. They said, ‘Here are the points you gotta hit, so do it in your character.’ If you didn’t know how to be a character or how to be a star, you didn’t get over.

Now they write for everybody, which is good for the lower-tier guys who can’t write, who aren’t creative enough yet or don’t have enough psychology yet. But for guys who have potential star power, you’re really killing it, because [Steve] Austin would’ve never came alive if they would’ve been writing his character for him. If they told him to just stay with these promos. It’s a whole different world now.”

The lack of original characters in professional wrestling:
“Ninety-nine percent of the business is two-dimensional. They don’t have points of view. People used to complain when they worked with Shane Douglas and he’d go, ‘The Franchise doesn’t do that,’ talking in the third person. I loved that about him because I want a guy that knows what his character would and wouldn’t do — because that I could work with. The character is three-dimensional. You know his point of view. The fans could probably tell you, which is ultimately what I wanted, what he would do in any situation.”

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