Possible Umaga Babyface Turn, Contracted WWE Wrestler Gets License Revoked

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— Umaga may be turning babyface after being cheered in many cities during WWE’s recent tour of Europe. That kind of explains why WWE put him a spot last week on Raw to get a pop by attacking “Barack Obama” and “Hillary Clinton.”

— WWE developmental wrestler Ted DiBiase, Jr. pleaded no contest to his DUI charge from February 15. His driver’s license was revoked. DiBiase has also been ordered to give 50 hours community service, attend a traffic school, and pay a few other fines.

— In what may be a first for WWE in Mexico, they are discounting tickets for their upcoming tour there. Prices for two shows in Mexico City have been cut. They are the final two shows of the four-show Mexican tour next month.

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