Pelosi urges Trump to abandon planned ICE raids nationwide

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi urged President Trump on Saturday to abandon planned raids around the country to deport illegal immigrants.

“Tomorrow is Sunday, and as many people of faith attend religious services, the President has ordered heartless raids,” she said in a statement.

“It is my hope that before Sunday, leaders of the faith-based community and other organizations that respect the dignity and worth of people will call upon the President to stop this brutal action which will tear families apart and inject terror into our communities.”

ICE agents are expected to descend on 10 cities Sunday as part of a broad crackdown on illegal immigration.

Earlier Saturday, Trump doubled down on the raids.

“The people that Ice will apprehend have already been ordered to be deported. This means that they have run from the law and run from the courts. These are people that are supposed to go back to their home country,” he tweeted. “They broke the law by coming into the country, & now by staying.”

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