Paul Heyman Glasgow, Scotland, one man show notes: Brock Lesnar & a drunken fan

Submitted by reader Innes McVey

Here’s some notes from Paul Heyman’s one man show tonight in Glasgow, Scotland:

– He brought up an interesting theory about The Streak ending: “Is it me f*cking with you or am I telling you something you’re not supposed to know?”. He suggested the notion that it was actually planned that Undertaker was to go over at Wrestlemania 30, but Brock, in a shoot, beat down Taker so bad, and hooked Taker’s leg in a way, that he couldn’t kick out. 

He explained that, in that case, WWE could not fire Lesnar because he had just beaten the Undertaker’s streak and that the only way out of the situation was to go with Lesnar beating the streak. Heyman also mentioned that this explains why Lesnar’s music was not immediately played after he pinned Taker and why Taker collapsed as soon as he got through the curtain. 

He also confirmed, if the story he told wasn’t true, that the only people who knew about the streak’s end was himself, Lesnar, Taker & Vince.

– When it was pointed out to him that Mark Dallas, the owner of Insane Championship Wrestling, was in the crowd, Heyman went on a personal note to say that he had a lot of respect for Dallas for being one of the driving forces of the British wrestling scene and for putting everything into his promotion.

– As Heyman started to tell his theory about Lesnar winning at WM being a shoot, a drunken crowd member started actively shouting and swearing at Heyman about the theory being false. Heyman first, in a joking manner, bantered with the crowd member but as they started to get more rowdy, Heyman told him to “Shut the f*ck up.” The crowd member continued to argue, leading to the host to also tell him to be quiet. This rallied the crowd into a “Shut the f*ck up” chant and eventually the person was ejected from the venue to the classic “Hey Hey Good-Bye” song.

– Heyman closed out the show similarly to the other two with him repaying the audience by having them featured in an upcoming Heyman Hustle video. He led the crowd into saying “Ladies and Gentlemen, My Name is Paul Heyman” before inciting a crowd-wide cheer for the video.

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