NXT Results (10/11): Gargano vs. Almas

The show starts with a video package recapping Asuka relinquishing her NXT Women’s Championship and the set-up for the upcoming Fatal Four Way Match to decide Kairi Sane’s three opponents for the Fatal Four Way CHampionship Match at the upcoming NXT TakeOver: War Games to determine who The New NXT Women’s Champion will be.
Mauro Ranallo, Percy Watson, and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to the show and talks about tonight’s card as well as our first match of the night as the first participants in the first Triple Threat qualifier makes their way down to the ring.
The Iconic Duo makes their way down to the ring, followed by Liv Morgan and finally, Nikki Cross, who heads to the ring without any other members of SAnitY.

Peyton Royce vs. Nikki Cross vs. Liv Morgan:  Both Nikki and Liv start jawing at Peyton early on. Nikki grabs Liv’s arm and they double clothesline Peyton out of the ring momentarily. Nikki turns her attention to Liv, throwing her face first into the turnbuckle before jumping on her back to lock in a body scissors. Peyton in with a spinning hook kick, misses both of her opponents. Peyton goes for the first pin of the night, Liv shrugs her off and the two start bickering before exchanging strikes. Peyton locks Liv in a submission move on the ropes until Nikki claws Peyton down and hits her head onto the floor.
Billie Kay tries to interject herself in the match and gets blasted off the apron by Nikki. Nikki goes after both women, dropping both to the mat. Liv and Peyton get caught up on the top rope, Nikki runs over and hits a Tower of Doom, with all three women down. Suddenly, The Undisputed Era shows up with Taynara Conti, who is sent to the ring. She yanks Nikki down, but gets a forearm to the face, sending her to the floor. Nikki hits a neck breaker on Peyton and goes for a pin, but only a two count. Nikki hits a swinging neck breaker on Liv, but Conti pulls Nikki out of the ring, and suddenly realizes the error of her ways. An angry Nikki chases her around the floor and into the ring, but Peyton hits a nice spinning kick and fisherman’s suplex on Nikki to get the win. Winner: Peyton Royce (She Advances to The Fatal 4-Way Championship Match at NXT TakeOver: War Games)
Lio Rush comes out first to a nice reaction from the crowd. The Velveteen Dream comes out next and checks every square inch of the wrestling mat. 
Before the match, Dream tries to talk some sense into Rush, but Rush slaps Dream in the mug. Rush uses some redirection and speed to completely confuse Dream.

Lio Rush vs. The Velveteen Dream: The Crowd goes nuts for the initial sequence that happened before the match. Dream puts that to a halt by whipping Rush into the turnbuckle, sending him flying to the floor. Dream hits Rush with a backbreaker and pins him, but only a two count. Rush counters Dream with a Beautiful swinging DDT, then he goes for a pin, but only a 2 count. Commentary is having fun with this match. Dream hits The Purple Rainmaker and pins Lio for the 1-2-3. Winner: The Velveteen Dream
After the match, Dream mocks Aleister Black by doing his sitting pose and says “Say my name” to the camera.
We get a video package recapping the beat down Lars Sullivan gave Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch coming out to help Lorcan. Burch and Sullivan will face off next.

Danny Burch vs. Lars Sullivan: Burch strolls right up and smacks Sullivan twice in the opening moments of the match before getting thrown into the corner. Burch hits Sullivan with another punch, but Sullivan ends up dropping him in a hurry. Big clubbing blows to Burch’s head by Sullivan over and over again. Sullivan throws him into the corner followed up by a big splash. Sullivan with a big suplex and plays with a grounded Burch, kicking lightly at him. Burch up on his shoulders, but Burch fights off and lands some big chops and European uppercuts. Sullivan with a clothesline and side spine buster to get the pinfall victory. Winner: Lars Sullivan
We get a video package recapping Roderick Strong and Drew McIntyre’s NXT Championship match from last week. The two shook hands after the match, then The Undisputed Era spoke with Strong on the stage before he headed off.
We are informed that Drew McIntyre will have a sit-down interview next week on NXT.
Street Profits vs. Damien Smith and Espada: Montez Ford makes fun of Smith’s size, getting on his knees and dancing. A couple more shoulder shakes and in comes Dawkins jumping up and over Ford, landing on Smith’s back. Ford runs around a bit in celebration and yells at anyone he can find in the crowd, including the security guy. Back in the ring, Dawkins drops his opponent and Ford hits a frog splash for the win. Winners: Street Profits
After the match, Ford has some fun with the people at ringside, before jumping into the crowd with Dawkins for a “Hey, hey, hey!” party.
We are informed that next week on NXT it will be Sonya Deville vs. Ember Moon vs. Ruby Riot in another qualifying match for a spot on The Fatal Four Way Championship Match at NXT TakeOver: War Games and SAnitY will take on The Undisputed Era in The Main Event.
Johnny Gargano vs. Andrade “Cien” Almas (with Zelina Vega): Gargano tries to get at Almas, but can’t quite get a hold of them as we see a nice mat game being played out at the start of the match. We finally get to a stalemate and both glare at each other momentarily. Gargano tries to throw Almas to the floor, but he stops himself in the ropes before dropping Almas to the mat, Gargano goes for a submission, but rope break ends that in a hurry. Gargano with a flying headscissors then snaps Almas’ arm over his shoulder. Gargano throw Almas into the corner and tosses him to the side with both feet on the apron. Almas tries for a suplex and ends up getting a big boot on Gargano. He then drives Gargano to the apron.
Almas locks in a triangle armbar in the ropes until the count of four. Back and forth punches from both wrestlers until Gargano gets shoved into the corner. Gargano goes up to the top and he gets chopped in the chest, but he is still able to hit a tornado flatliner. Gargano on the apron, tries for his spear into the ring, but gets caught. Gargano back body drops Almas to the floor and a quick suicide dive on Almas gets the crowd up and cheering. Back in the ring, Almas almost steals the match with a handful of tights. Almas hits a Dragon suplex with the bridge on Gargano, but only a 2 count. Almas starts to get frustrated with his opponent.
Out on the floor, Almas gets a boot to the face, but is brought back into the ring. Huge strikes from both wrestlers, including elbows, punches, back elbows and chops. Gargano lands a big kick and goes for the pin, but only a 2 count. Gargano crawls his way to the top rope while Almas is woozy. He ends up tossing the referee into the ropes which drops Gargano on his privates. Both wresters are up on the ropes, slaps back and forth, Gargano goes for a powerbomb, Almas flips out of it, Gargano goes for a lariat, Lawn Dart into the second turnbuckle, crucifix bomb, and Johnny locks in the Gargano Escape. Vega unzips her jacket to show off a DIY shirt, which doesn’t work as well as she hoped. Almas does get to the ropes though. She jumps up on the apron and distracts Gargano, Almas goes for a small package, but only a 2. Multiple counters into pins until Gargano hits a super kick. Gargano gets dropped and is laying on the bottom turnbuckle, Almas hits Gargano with two double knees to the back of his head. Almas hits a Hammerlock DDT for the win. Winner: Andrade “Cien” Almas
After the match, Vega jumps in the ring to celebrate with Almas and takes a moment to taunt Gargano to end the show.

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