Nikki Bella Fires Back At Fan Accusing John Cena Breakup Of Being a Ratings Stunt

The timing of Nikki Bella’s breakup with John Cena back in April, the premiere of season three of “Total Bellas”, and the subsequent “reuniting” of the WWE couple earlier this month has left fans speculating on the reality of the breakup in the first place.

Some fans are of the belief that the breakup was orchestrated and “worked” in order to generate buzz for the new season of “Total Bellas”, which is currently drawing some of the lowest ratings since the show’s inception.

Nikki Bella has taken the above fan opinion to task in recent weeks, as she related people thinking her breakup was a “work” to cyberbullying, offering the following comment to ET Canada:

“I think sometimes people don’t realize how you could affect them,” said Nikki. “It’s kind of like when we try to talk to cyber bullies, and tell them you have no idea how you’re affecting people.”

Nikki has once again fired back at the relationship accusations, as she replied to a fan on Instagram who wrote “it seems like [the breakup]was all for ratings. Very disappointed.”

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Sad that my break up has to be “good” timing for all of you. I forgot I’m not allowed to just live my life. What blows my mind is that people like you would even think I would do this for ratings or a show, don’t you think a wedding would have done a much better job?? So unreal. Done with the hate. So happy I have a Bella Army on here that is SO loving and supportive!

The fan was commenting on the following Instagram post from Nikki:

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