News From Cyber Sunday, What You Didn't See On PPV

Here are several newsworthy items from Cyber Sunday, including things you didn’t see on television:

– The building was almost sold out. Only the upper tier of the camera side was tarped off.

– Tod Grisham claimed they had 13,189,061 votes casted worldwide for the PPV.

– Jesse & Festus defeated Deuce & Domino in a dark match.

– Another view “SAVE US” video aired on the PPV. This latest one said “Please Stand By”.

– Matt Hardy did not wrestle at Cyber Sunday because of a legitimate injury. He was shown on camera with a bad black eye. The match was changed to MVP defending the U.S. title against either Great Khali, Kane or Mark Henry. Fans picked Kane, who won the match by count out.

– There was a steel cage above the ring all night. It was not needed for the Triple H vs. Umaga match because fans voted to see a Street Fight instead.

– After Cyber Sunday went off the air, Batista walked to the back with the title. Undertaker walked out first.

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