New ECW General Manager Named, No "Blockbuster Announcement" Made, More

— Armando Estrada has been replaced as the General Manager of ECW. At the start of tonight’s broadcast on Sci Fi, crew members were removing items from the General Manager’s office. Armando Estrada came in and told them to stop. They claimed the general manager told them to remove the items. Armando told them that he is the General Manager. Theodore Long showed up and said, “Not anymore, player.” Later in the show, Long showed Estrada a form from the “Board of Directors” saying that he’s the new General Manager of ECW.

— WWE announced yesterday on the company website that there was going to be a “blockbuster announcement” at the press conference held earlier today at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. There was nothing of the sort as the only thing talked about was ‘McMahon’s Million Dollar Mania’.

— It was noted at the press conference that 300,000 people signed up last night for the contest on the website.

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