Mustafa Ali On His Mission As a WWE Performer, The Amount of Support He Receives From WWE to Express Himself

WWE 205 Live star Mustafa Ali recently spoke with Al Jazeera and below are some interview highlights.

On his mission as a performer in WWE:

“My vision is a lot bigger than being the first wrestler of a background to do something,” he told Al Jazeera.

“Someone with my name and my appearance comes with preconceived ideas attached.

“My mission is to erase as many preconceived ideas, barriers and stereotypes as I can.”

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On being a role model:

“I remember one kid … he said to me it’s always cool to see someone you consider a role model doing something big and chasing their dreams, but it’s even cooler when that person looks like you,” Ali recalled.

“When he said that, I really realised it’s true. It’s a little easier to relate to someone when you feel ‘hey that’s me. That’s how I look and it’s someone with the same concerns I have growing up’.”

On WWE supporting his creative freedom:

“I can’t tell you the amount of support I’m getting from WWE. They’re allowing me to express myself freely, they’re promoting me, and they’re letting me be me.”

Source :

Al Jazeera

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