More On The Nasty Boys Debacle, Raw Greatest Hits CD Track Listing, Armageddon

partial source: Wrestling Observer

— After the debacle at the SmackDown tapings on Tuesday night, a number of key people backstage were questioning why the Nasty Boys were given a tryout match in the first place. Live reports from the match didn’t indicate anything notably bad regarding the Nasty Boys on the match, but people backstage saw things quite differently.

— Here is the track listing for the “WWE Raw Greatest Hits” CD that is scheduled to be released on December 18:

1. The Time Is Now John Cena, Trademarc
2. I Won’t Do What You Tell Me Jim Johnston
3. If You Smell Jim Johnston
4. The Game Motörhead
5. Sexy Boy Shawn Michaels
6. Rest In Peace Jim Johnston
7. No Chance In Hell Jim Johnston with Peter Bursuker
8. I Walk Alone Saliva
9. Line In The Sand Motörhead
10. Break The Walls Down Jim Johnston with Adam Morenoff 11.Wreck Jim Johnston
11. Time To Rock & Roll Jim Johnston with L’il Kim
12. (619) Jim Johnston with Chris Classic
13. Slow Chemical finger eleven
14. Are You Ready? Jim Johnston with Chris Warren
15. Paparazzi Jim Johnston
16. Turn Up The Trouble Jim Johnston with Ted Nigro

— You can see the commercial promoting Armageddon 2007 during the “Legends of Wrestling” show on WWE 24/7. The tone of the commercial is basically “Armageddon is upon us, etc, etc…” and it features spliced footage of the likes of Triple H, Batista, Randy Orton and Undertaker.

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