More On RAW's Alarming Rating, Upcoming TNA PPV Locations

— To follow up on this week’s RAW rating, the 3.2 we originally reported was actually rounded up from a 3.18. The show did hourly ratings of 3.11 and 3.25. The quarter hour numbers have been released and they paint an even gloomier picture for WWE. The show opened with a 2.99 quarter hour rating. The show bounced back to the 3.2 range for most of the show and peaked at a 3.6 for the overrun.

— TNA will be announcing the location of their June Slammiversary PPV this week. Buffalo, NY, Louisville, KY, Dayton, OH are among the cities considered for the event. In related news, TNA president Dixie Carter was telling fans at Saturday’s fanfest that TNA’s October PPV Bound for Glory will take place in Chicago.

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