More on Jim Ross' Involvement with WWE at WrestleMania and Beyond

— As reported yesterday, Jim Ross appears to have some sort of working agreement with WWE to call at least one match at WrestleMania 33 tomorrow. According to the report, Ross has signed a legends type deal and will be involved with WWE in some capacity moving forward as well.

— Dave Meltzer of has indicated that at this time, he can only confirm that Ross will be part of WrestleMania 33 and he cannot confirm or deny reports that the agreement will be for anything more than that.

— Furthermore, we also reported that Ross was rumored to be calling the Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar match, but there is a belief now that it may end up being the Undertaker vs. Roman Reigns match instead, especially if it is going to be taking place last as the main event.

— Ross calling the Undertaker match also leads to significant speculation that Sunday will indeed be the final match of ‘Taker’s career.

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