More on Austin Aries Unhappy in WWE & His Release; Update on Kevin Owens

— On the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer confirmed earlier reports that Austin Aries was “unhappy” with both his role and being involved exclusively with 205 Live instead of the main roster. Meltzer added that a lot of the writing staff were not fans of his and he was generally disliked backstage which ultimately led to his release.

— It was also noted that Aries was upset that his match with Neville was left out of the WrestleMania DVD which means that he did not receive any royalties for that.

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— It doesn’t appear as if the US title change at the house show over the weekend in New York City was due to any sort of injury to Kevin Owens. Instead, the title change was simply a “booking decision” as they wanted to do something special at a non-televised event. Cameras were present at the event and it is assumed that the match or at least the finish will be shown on Smackdown.

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