More Backstage Details of WrestleMania Main Event; When Roman Reigns Found Out

— In a follow-up to a previous post about Brock Lesnar and WWE agreeing to a new contract on Sunday – the day of WrestleMania, Dave Meltzer reports on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio that Roman Reigns found out about the change in the WrestleMania finish after arriving at the stadium the day of the PPV and the primary reason for the switch up was because it quickly became apparent that the audience was going to reject both wrestlers if the title changed hands.

— Meltzer adds that Reigns showed up to ‘Mania fully believing that he was going to leave as the champion and was told of the change some time during the day but it is unknown if he was upset at those changes. The long term plan still remains to have Reigns win the Universal title, but it is unclear if that will happen at the end of the month at the Greatest Royal Rumble event.

— As noted before, the number of people who knew about the change in the WrestleMania finish was kept to a minimum, which is why many were shocked because the original idea was for Reigns to counter an F5 into a spear and a pin. The referee was made aware of the change after he got into the ring.

— Also for those wondering, Lesnar did not “go into business for himself” for purposely busting Reigns open nor was Reigns double-crossed in any way.

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