Moose On Impact Wrestling Returning to the Road, WWE vs Everyone Else Mentality, Sami Callihan Bat Incident

Current Impact Wrestling star Moose recently appeared on Interactive Wrestling Radio and the following highlights have been issued. You can watch the entire show in the video player above.

On Don Callis and Scott D’Amore’s stint in charge of Impact Wrestling thus far:

“Great, man! Scott D’Amore and Don (Callis) and Sonjay (Dutt) are doing a great job running the show. I’m happy to be a part of it.”

On Impact Wrestling returning to the road with their recent co-shows with Big Time Wrestling and Border City Wrestling:

“I think that is what Impact has been missing – Hitting the road a little bit. The last couple of shows we’ve done have been sell outs. That shows what the company can do when we leave the Impact Zone. I’m glad that we’re starting to tour a little bit more.”

On football players like himself and Rob Gronkowski being drawn into professional wrestling:

“I mean, I think it is an easier transition to get into professional wrestling from football. I think (Rob) Gronkowski has a big enough personality to get into wrestling and be successful. We all know he’s a great athlete. I personally know him and I know he has a big enough personality to actually do fantastic in wrestling.”

On training under Mr. Hughes in his early days:

“I think everybody who knows me and is a fan of mine knows he trained me. I have nothing but great things to say about him. He’s a good trainer. I’m sure he’s going to continue training guys that we’ll hear about in the future.”

On his Impact match with Eli Drake:

“I have a lot of respect for Eli. I think he’s one of the best guys on the roster. He’s great on the mic as well. I think that is one of his best qualities. He won the Tag Title Case at Feast or Fired, I won the World Title Case at Feast or Fired. We’re putting our cases on the line. I’m highly confident I’m going to leave that match tomorrow with both cases.”

On the Sami Callihan baseball bat incident with Eddie Edwards:

“I mean, stuff happens in the industry. Accidents happen! My beef with it is how Sami has taken it from an accident and now he’s bragging about it. I mean, I lost a lot of respect for him about that. I am in a match involving him at Redemption on April 22nd so I guess I’m going to have to do something about it.”

On preparing for a hardcore match like the one he’s having at Redemption:

“I mean, seven years in the NFL was hardcore. I think that match is going to be a little easier. (laughs)”

On his statements about wanting to be Impact Champion:

“I came into 2018 knowing this was going to be the Year of the Moose and that I want to be Impact World Champion. I’ve been training that way. I always have that in the back of my mind. Every goal I’ve ever set for myself, I’ve achieved it. This one is not going to be any different!”

On the future of the Grand Championship he held twice in Impact:

“I think it is a great concept with the 3 rounds thing. I think we got away from that a little bit. It is not my call what they do with it. Whatever Scott D’Amore, Don, and Sonjay decide to do with it, I trust their decision.”

On the possibility of Impact Wrestling working with his former promotion Ring of Honor:

“It is 2018! Don’t be surprised is all I have to say about that. (laughs)”

On if it is WWE versus everyone else:

“I don’t know if I’d say it is WWE versus the world. I think we’re at a stage where, why would other companies not want to work with each other? Look at this weekend with Impact Wrestling versus Lucha Underground. A lot of people never thought that would happen and it is happening. So, you never know! Wrestling is evolving.”

On working with Pro Wrestling NOAH in Japan:

“I love Japan. I love the culture. With different countries, the crowd reacts differently to what we do. Japanese fans react differently than fans in the UK and the United States and the Mexican fans. I love Japan and I can’t wait to get back there.”

On his future goals at Impact Wrestling:

“You will just see me give 100% with everything I do at Impact!”

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