Monday Night Raw 1/25/16 Results

The show started with a review of the Royal Rumble and how the League of Nations beat down Roman Reigns before Triple H’s return at the number 30 spot.

The video package culminates with video of Triple eliminating Reigns before eliminating Dean Ambrose and capturing his 14th Heavyweight championship.

From there the show is brought inside the stadium and Vince McMahon’s music hits. Stephanie McMahon and Vince both walk down to the ring.

Vince told the crowd to shut up before saying that he and Stephanie are feeling really good that Reigns is broken in half before piercing his heart and taking his title away.

Vince talks down to Reigns before talking down to the live crowd.

Vince then confesses that he enjoys the misfortunes of others, because everyone in the crowd is broken and miserable; but no one is more miserable than Roman Reigns.

Stephanie says that if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself, then talks about how she tricked all of the WWE Universe.

Stephanie talks down to the crowd and says that the McMahon’s knew all along that the Game would come out at 30 and would win the rumble.

An AJ Styles chant breaks out.

Stephanie says that no one holds a candle to anyone on the roster and is superior to everyone else on the roster.

Stephanie then introduces Triple H as his music hits and he makes his way down to the ring flashing his new WWE Heavyweight championship.

Vince McMahon says to bow down to the king.

Triple H says that it is good to be the king before saying that Roman Reigns could be one of the best athletes he has ever seen; but today he is not.

He says Roman Reigns lacks respect.

Triple H says Roman Reigns is great, but he needs to learn his place in life and says that he couldn’t put up with his disrespect for Vince McMahon above all else; before referring to Vince as God.

Triple H says he’d be damned if someone like Reigns disrespects his religion, wrestling.

Triple H says he doesn’t need to be WWE champion, but he wants to be champion because people like Roman Reigns want to be WWE champion and he doesn’t deserve it.

HHH says he will be champion until the guys in the back learns respect, and that there isn’t a damn anyone can do about it.

A Roman chant breaks out before Vince tells that to shut up. HHH tells the fans that they’re being disrespectful.

Stephanie announces that the Authority will be evaluating all the wrestlers tonight on Raw and at the end of the night she will be announcing the main event of the Fastlane PPV. The winner of that match will face Triple H at Wrestlemania.

Michael Cole touches on the rumors that a major star is returning to Raw tonight and announces AJ Styles first Raw action against Chris Jericho.

Raw goes to commercial.

Dolph Ziggler makes his entrance to the ring.

Owens makes his entrance looking very beaten from his Last Man Standing match against Ambrose last night

Kevin Owens vs Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler superkick, 2 count

Throws into barricade

Owens kicks, dropkick rolls out of ring

Raw goes to commercial

Returns from commercial

Owens gets in some offense before going for pin, 1 count

During commercial Owens threw Dolph into a ring post

Owens puts Ziggler in a headlock before battling back

Owens blocks the superkick

Owens runs shoulder first followed by the Fameasser from Ziggler

Ziggler puts Owens in a sleeper hold before backing Dolph into a turnbuckle twice

Owens goes for a cannonball, missed, Ziggler big splash, missed
Ziggler gets german supplex followed by a super kick from ziggler, 2 count

Both men go to the top rope
Owens pushes Ziggler off before kicking him in the face, he climbs to the top rope, Owens trips Ziggler

Owens hits the pop up powerbomb!


And your winner is: Kevin Owens

Jojo interviews Reigns backstage asking him what his reaction was to Vince’s words.

Reigns calls Vince ridiculous and tells Jojo to tell Vince and HHH that he is here and he isn’t leaving till he hears the announcement.

Raw goes to commercial.

Raw returns and the Social Outcasts are in the ring.

Slater says the Social Outcasts have a few things they want to say. Slater walks up to Flo Rida.

Slater tells Flo Rida to not make him mad, Rose says he upset Heathy Baby and that when the Red Dragon gets mad he spits fire.

Axel questions Rose before Bo Dallas challenges Flo Rida.

Flo jumps the barricade and gets in the ring.

Slater tells Flo Rida he doesn’t want to hurt him and challenges him to a rap battle.

Slater introduces Flo Rida to Bo Rida, Axel puts a chain, glasses and a hat on him.

Bo Dallas spits some questionable bars to Flo Rida, I didn’t think the Social Outcasts could get more ridiculous.

Flo Rida starts spitting some bars back at the Social Outcasts, before bringing out The Dudley Boyz.

Looks like we will have the Social Outcasts vs the Dudley Boyz up next.
Raw goes to commercial

Dudley Boyz vs Social Outcasts

The Boyz both pancake Axel then knock down Dallas.

The rest of the Social Outcasts distract the Dudley Boyz and allow Axel to hit Bubba.

Axel hits Devon before the Social Outcasts go on the “Bo train”. They then see Flo Rida and turn around, yes this is real.

Axel starts hitting Bubba before tagging in Dallas.

Dallas gets some kicks in, taunts and then hits a neckbreaker, 1 count.

Dallas puts Bubba in a headlock.

Bubba tags in Devon, Dallas tags in Axel.

Devon hits a shoulder block followed by a neckbreaker into a headbutt, he starts a clap.

Devon hits a big splash in the corner and a flying clothesline, 2 count.

Bubba tags in and double teams Axel. Bubba is distracted by Slater before Flo Rida throws him in the ring.

Bubba slams Slater and Devin hits him with the Wassssupppp

Axel gets the 3D

Devon and Bubba get confused as to who is the legal man

but 1,2

And your winners are: The Dudley Boyz

Renee Young interviews AJ Styles.

Styles says he turned the WWE universe upside down.

Jericho interrupts but says AJ Styles belongs in the WWE and says tonight is his chance.

Raw goes to commercial

It is revealed that Nikki Bella is getting career threatening neck surgery.

Jericho’s jacket starts flashing and he makes his way down to the ring.

Styles’ music hits and he heads down to the ring for his first Raw match.

Chris Jericho vs AJ Styles

A loud AJ Styles chant breaks out

Jericho and Styles lock up.

A “This is Awesome” chant breaks out, showing how much the fans love Styles.

Styles hits an arm drag and taunts.

Jericho hits some chops before Styles runs into an elbow.

Styles takes another elbow before hitting a flying clothesline.

Jericho hits some chops in the corner before throwing Styles into the corner.

Styles dodges the original attack, but Jericho springboards off the second rope and dropkicks styles.

Jericho lifts Styles vertically and slams him, 1 count.

Styles turn he gets some chops in before throwing him into the turnbuckle.

Jericho hits a dropkick from the second rope.

Some more chops from Styles as “Lets go AJ” chants break out.

Styles hits a dropkick as Jericho rolls out of the ring.

Jericho grabs Styles by the legs and slams him on the apron.

Raw goes to commercial.

We’re back from break and Jericho has Styles in a headlock.

Both men go for a cross body and both men are now on the mat.

Styles hits a strike combo before a big splash in the corner.

Styles gets Jericho on his shoulders before Jericho counters and goes for the Walls of Jericho.

Styles slams Jericho’s neck to his knee, 2 count.

Jericho goes for a suplex into the pin, 2 count.

Jericho hits a running enziguri, 2 count.

Styles flies and hits a jumping punch, 2 count.

Jericho puts Styles in the Walls of Jericho.

Styles shows resilience and refuses to tap out.

He manages to get to the bottom rope and the submission is broken.

Styles hits the Pele on Jericho before going to the top rope.

Styles misses the Five Star Frog Splash.

Jericho goes for the lionsault but Styles blocks it.

Styles goes for the Styles Clash but Jericho reverses it.

Jericho rolls up with Styles reverses with a roll up of his own.


And your Winner is: AJ Styles

After the match both men look each other down, Styles extends a handshake, Jericho accepts but holds on, both men look each other in the eye.

A stretch limo arrives and Cole questions if the returning star is in that limo.

Raw goes to commercial.

Sasha Banks makes her way down to the ring, seems like she is now a solo act and no longer is with Team B.A.D

Pictures of Sasha Banks attack on Becky Lynch and Charlotte are shown.

Out next comes Becky Lynch.

Sasha Banks vs Becky Lynch

Sasha and Becky exchange words and some pushes before Lynch takes her down with some punches.

Becky jumps off the second rope and kicks Sasha.

Sasha throws Becky into the corner, kicks her and then taunts the crowd.

Sasha twists Becky’s head while taunting.

Becky arm throws Sasha before going for a quick pin, 1 count.

Becky hits some running clotheslines and a kick before yelling to the crowd.

She hits a corner punch and a suplex, 2 count.

Sasha sends Becky back into the corner and damages her midsection, 2 count.

Becky puts Sasha in the arm bar, but Becky’s shoulders were down.

Sasha throws Becky against the ropes, hits the backstabber into the bank statement, but out comes Charlotte

Match ends in a disqualification

After the match Charlotte brutalizes Sasha and Becky and then stands tall with the belt.

Goldust is shown backstage looking for R Truth, he picks ups Truth’s headphones and starts singing and dancing.

Goldust says that now since the Royal Rumble match is over he is looking for a new tag team partner.

Truth says that he is a married man thinking that Goldust is trying to date him.

Truth and Goldust were clearly on a misunderstanding, but maybe we will see Truth and Goldust teaming in the future.

Raw goes to commercial.

Bray Wyatt’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring with the entire Wyatt Family.

The fire sparks and out next comes the Demon Kane.

Kane’s flames come through the turnbuckles

Bray Wyatt vs Kane

Kane hits a running shoulder before Wyatt starts punching him, Wyatt points to the Wrestlemania logo.

Kane hits a running kick on Bray.

Bray hits a running punch from behind and taunts the crowd, a “We Want Taker” chant breaks out.

Raw heads to commercial.

Wyatt is in control out of the break, Wyatt taunts some fans in great Hulk Hogan and Macho Man costumes.

Kane its a running shoulder and Wyatt misses a running senton.

The fans start chanting for the fan dressed as Randy Savage.

Kane hits a sidewalk slam and lines up the chokeslam.

Wyatt slams Kane, 2 count.

Kane hits a big boot, these fans are enamored with this Randy Savage fan.

Kane gets distracted by Luke Harper and hits a clothesline.

Bray hits the Sister Abigail


And your winner is: Bray Wyatt

After the match the Wyatt Family starts brutalizing Kane.

Strowman hits hits submission, Harper/Rowan hit a double chokeslam.

The Wyatt Family poses over Kane’s lifeless body, Follow

The limo is then shown, questions over who the major star is asking, JBL is impressed about the size of the limo.

Raw goes to commercial.

Rich Brennan is at the limo wondering who could be in it.

Out comes the Miz, who know one was expecting.

But then a truck comes up and the real star appears, THE ROCK!

The Rock says hello to Rick Ross and Big Show backstage mocking how he beat Big Show in the Royal Rumble.

He then sees Lana and asks if she remebers their night in Brooklyn.

He makes a ton of sexual innuendos before Rusev appears.

He then heads to the ring for a huge pop. Rocky chants occur.

The Rock tries to talk but the Rocky chants are deafening.

He asks if everyone is ready for the Royal Rumble and says that JBL and Michael Cole are ready, making fun of Byron Saxton for not knowing his name.

He then goes up to the fans who were dressed as The Undertaker, Hulk Hogan, The Rock and Randy Savage because the fans were chanting for them, it seemed like he did this off script.

The Rock then gets back in the ring trying to talk about Wrestlemania when the New Day interrupts.

New Day says how can Rock be the People’s champ if he has no gold?

The Rock and New Day go back in forth with the New Day using their usual hilarious shtick and the Rock using a lot more profanity than I’ve heard in the PG era.

The Rock challenges New Day to a fight.

They don’t accept and say Miami doesn’t deserve it.

They start walking away until the Usos come out. They throw the New Day in the ring.

Big E gets a Rock Bottom, Kofi gets a superkick and then it’s down to Xavier.

Xavier begs for his life but gets a double superkick into the People’s Elbow!

The Rock says they’ll see him at Wrestlemania and drops a “If You Smell What the Rock is Cooking”

Brie Bella & Alicia Fox v Natalya and Paige

Alicia Fox tags in Brie who slams Natty, 2 count.

Brie throws Natalya to the ground, 2 count.

Brie taunts Paige and then kicks Natalya multiple times before following with a drop kick and a Brie mode.

Natalya tags in Paige who hits a super kick and a knee in the corner followed by a kick, 2 count.

Paige locks in a submission but Alicia breaks it up.

Natalya knocks Alicia fox out of the ring.

Paige hits the rampage.


And your winners are: Paige and Natalya

A video is shown about WWE and the Boys & Girls club partnership

The Miz is out in the ring next talking about how he hates getting interrupted, Kalisto comes out and interrupts

Kalisto vs The Miz

Kalisto kicks the Miz and starts the match very fast paced

Kalisto hits the headscissors and then dives onto Miz on the outside

A Lucha chant starts

Kalisto splashes Miz, 2 count.

The Miz drops Kalisto and mocks the Lucha chants

Kalisto avoids a back body drop and kicks Miz before kicking him again.

Kalisto hits a lateral press before the Miz leaves the ring.

Raw goes to commercial.

We come back from commercial, Miz took over during break.

Miz hits a clothesline, 2 count.

Miz throws Kalisto into the corner and kicks him before hitting a running clothesline.

Miz hits a top rope move, 2 count, before putting Kalisto in a headlock.
Kalisto does a backslide pin, 2 count.

Couple pin reversals, 2 counts.

Miz seems frustrated and taunts the crowd.

Fans are chanting Randy Savage but the Miz says they should chant for him.

Kalisto kicks Miz in the head and hits a West Coast Pop into his corkscrew, 2 count.

Miz catches Kalistos headscisssors attempt and follows with a DDT, 2 count.

Miz goes for the Skull Crushing finale, Kalisto counters with a Salida Del Sol


And your winner is: Kalisto

Roman Reigns makes his way to the ring for our Main Event.

He is followed by the Intercontinental champion Dean Ambrose.

Sheamus and Rusev make their entrance accompanied by the rest of the League of Nations.

Rusev and Sheamus vs Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose

Reigns and Sheamus start with Reigns getting the upper hand, Sheamus fights back and get some uppercuts in.

Reigns hits a running clotheslines and tags in Ambrose who gets in a running kick.

Quick tags, Reigns hits another running clotheslines.

Ambrose goes to the top rope and takes out Sheamus and Rusev.

Raw goes to commercial.

Raw returns and Sheamus has Reigns in a headlock.

Sheamus throws Reigns into the corner and hits him with a shoulder.

Reigns hits Sheamus with a running clothesline.

Ambrose gets the hot tag and hits Sheamus with a multitude of fists and forearms before throwing Sheamus out of the ring and hitting him with a suicide dive.

Dean goes to the top rope, and Rusev throws him over the rope, Del Rio throws Ambrose into the time keeper area.

Rusev is tagged in and grabs Ambrose before slamming him into the apron and barricade, twice.

Rusev brutalizes Dean on the outside before throwing him in the ring, 2 count.

Rusev hits a suplex on Ambrose, and again, 2 count.

Rusev tags in Sheamus, Ambrose is isolated in the LON corner.

Sheamus hits three Irish Curses, 2 count.

Sheamus has Ambrose in a headlock before Ambrose fights back, then Ambrose gets slammed in the corner and hit by Rusev.

Rusev drops 3 elbows, 2 count.

Rusev slams Ambrose as Ambrose rolls out of the ring.

Sheamus hits Ambrose’s chest and kidneys outside the ring, but Ambrose starts to fight back.

Sheamus taunts Dean right on the barricade.

Ambrose hits his clothesline on Sheamus and looks to tag Reigns.

Ambrose gets the hot tag on Reigns.

Reigns hits a big kick and then a bunch on Sheamus before sending Rusev out of the ring.

Reigns hits a Samoan drop on Sheamus before hitting Rusev with a 2 foot kick on the apron.

Reigns hits 9 forearms and big punch on Rusev and sets up for the Superman Punch.

The LON distract Reigns and Rusev hits 2 big kicks.

Sheamus hits the Brogue kick as Ambrose breaks up the 2 count.

Ambrose throws Rusev out of the ring and jumps on him.

Reigns hits the spear!


And your winners are: Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose

After the match, Ambrose breaks up the announce table as Reigns throws Rusev into the stairs.

Ambrose puts Rusev on the announce table, Ambrose lifts Rusev up, shades of the shield and:

A big powerbomb through the announce table!

Stephanie McMahon music hits and it sounds like she’s going to make her decision.

She announces that the main event at Fastlane will a triple threat match between Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns and the Beast Brock Lesnar!

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