MLW Fusion #31: Lawlor vs Callihan Chicago Street Fight;Joey Ryan & Swoggle vs The Dirty Blondes & more!

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MLW Fusion #31
November 16, 2018

— A video package from last week of when Low Ki removed a piece of lucha wrestler Daga’s ear during their title match. Konnan is seen entering the arena but is greeted by Low Ki, Ricky Martinez and Salina Del la Renta, Low Ki asks about Daga and says his ear fits nice in his trophy case and that he’s looking to add more and who better then the head man himself Konnan. Low Ki demands a match with Konnan one on one, Konnan denies it saying if he really wanted that smoke he would’ve asked ten years ago when Konnan trained not now and starts to walk away. Del la Renta calls Konnan a old little b**** before  Konnan walks back and says the only thing he sees is three little b***** before walking away.

— A video package from Tom Lawlor from earlier today saying he smells the fear in Low Ki and that Sami Callihan is the man he’s hiding behind but when he gets his hands on Sami Callihan it’ll be the last time we see Callihan in MLW and if he has too he’ll shove that baseball bat Callihan loves so much up his ass!

Ricky Martinez vs Doctor Rex Bacchus 

Martinez pus on a face brace to protect his broken mask and Tony brings up how the face mask is legal, Martinez hits him with a stiff headbutt to the shoulder with the brace to Bacchus, Martinez is in full control after that shot to the shoulder ramming Bacchus face into the mat with a head-scissors type move and he goes for the pin as Bacchus kicks out at 1. Bacchus fights back with a hard right hand as Martinez roll to the corner, Martinez gains the advantage and lifts Bacchus up in an Electric chain position and drop him face first but instead of going for the pin he hold on and dead-lift german suplex Bacchus.  Martinez hits an Razor edge Piledriver type move for the quick victory!

Winner: Ricky Martinez

— Video package from a video weeks ago shows Callihan choking Lawlor out with a bat as the announcers hype up the Chicago street fight main event between the two.

— Lawlor is shown warming up with Simon Grimm before his match as Simon Grimm gives Lawlor a prep talk.

— Size Matters ( Joey Ryan & Swoggle) vs Dirty Blondes(Micheal Patrick and Leo Brien) 

Joey Ryan and Swoggle both give away lollipops before the match, Joey Ryan gets serious and says on his birthday he was wrestling in Austin, Texas and tore his pectoral muscle. He said it seems to be going around lately to a pop from the crowd. He says he hasn’t seen a doctor and is in a lot of pain but tonight he promised Swoggle he would team with him here in Chicago tonight and even with one arm he’s gonna take Dirty Blondes on.

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Dirty Blondes attack Joey Ryan and Swoggle as soon as the match begins. Swoggle and Patrick as the legal man as Patrick drops two big elbows on Swoggle and tags in Brien. Brien chokes out Swoggle in the corner with his foot and distracts the ref so Patrick can poke Swoggle in the eyes. Patrick tags in Brien but Swoggle is able to some how hit a huge German suplex on Brien somehow! As Brien and Swoggle tag in Joey Ryan and Patrick respectively . Joey Ryan cleans house with a couple of clotheslines and a superkick to Brien . Ryan Puts a blow pop in the mouth of Brien and hits a superkick, Swoggle climbs to the top and hits  frog star splash to pick up the victory.

After the match Joey Ryan takes the mic and shows the audience his left arm which was all bruised and swollen but jokes that at least he still has his d***. Ryan then says if he has to take any time off he’s glad his last match was in-front of Chicago.

Winners: Size Matters.


— Low Ki vs Konnan is announced for Zero Hour in Miami on December 14th

— Trey Miguel vs Kotto Brazil, Shane Strickland vs Low ki for the Heavyweight Championship is announced for next week.

— Shane Strickland is backstage trying to be interviewed but walks away instantly without saying a word.

Sami Callihan vs Tom Lawlor( Chicago Street fight)

Callihan enters the arena first and throws a multiple chairs, and a crutch into the ring. Callihan grabs a kendo stick and runs after Lawlor as he enters the ring. Lawlor catches Callihan in a Sleeper hold, Callihan tries to escape with some hard shots to the head with a kendo stick but Lawlor keeps it attached, striping Callihan of the kendo stick and delivery two shots of his own to the stomach of Callihan. Lawlor throws Callihan into the crowd, as Lawlor goes to attack Callihan, Callihan throws a trash can right at the face of Lawlor and dumps it onto him and throws it at him. Callihan is on the offense as he takes apart the guard rail and slams Lawlor between the two metal guardrails. Lawlor takes some shots with a kendo stick while having a trash can over his head. Lawlor finally gets some control in the match and kicks the chest of Callihan with repeated shots but Callihan sticks his fingers into the eyes of Lawlor. Lawlor gets back on control with a chairshot to the back of Callihan. Lawlor sets up some chairs , as he looks powerbomb Callihan from the apron onto the chairs. Back and Forth between the two on the apron before Callihan gets the advantage by sticking his fingers in the eyes of Lawlor again and hits him with a huge piledriver on the apron!

Callihan throws the chairs Lawlor set up into the ring and explores under the ring for a table and sets it up in the corner of the outside of the ring. Callihan tries to Powerbomb Lawlor through it but He counters with a ankle lock! Lawlor releases it then releases an fury of punches to the face of Callihan! Lawlor ties Callihan up in the guardrail and uses a sign that says ” Tom Use My Sign” and breaks it over the head of Callihan to a huge pop from the crowd! Callihan is back in control by ramming Lawlor in the guardrail, Callihan drags Lawlor on the table , Lawlor gets springs up and hits a superman punch but its not enough and Callihan hits a huge slam on Lawlor through the table! Callihan goes under the ring and grabs a spike and sticks it right in the mouth of Lawlor! Callihan takes a poster-board and runs it through the lips of Lawlor! Callihan breaks open a VS tape and takes the tape of the VS and chokes Lawlor as Lawlor starts to fade….but he fights back and hits a huge Angle Slam out of nowhere! The crowd is hot for this match as Lawlor grabs another table from under the ring and sets it up in the corner of the ring. Callihan gets the advantage by hitting a low blow and  Piledriver onto Lawlor but he kicks out at 2! Callihan goes under the ring and grabs the bat he used to choke out Lawlor a few weeks ago, before he can use it Lawlor hits Callihan with a low blow of his own as both competitors try to get to their fight but end up in a slug fest on their knees until Lawlor gains the advantage with a suplex! Lawlor picks up Callihan’s bat and breaks it in half to a huge pop from the crowd! Lawlor hits a popup Chokehold but callihan Rams Lawlor in the table that was set up in the corner of the ring earlier but Lawlor goes right back on the offense and lock in the sleeper-hold, Lawlor sticks a piece of the bat into the mouth of Callihan while locking in the sleeper-hold and Callihan taps out!

Winner:Tom Lawlor 

— After the match Simmon Grimm Leads Tom Lawlor right to Salina del le Renta’s crew and locks in him to be attacked!





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