Miz Begins Weapons Training For Marine 3, RAW Live Results From Seville, Spain

— WWE RAW World Tour Results from Seville, Spain (6/7):

* Zack Ryder defeated Dolph Ziggler (w/ Vickie Guerrero) with the Rough Ryder.

* Alex Riley defeated Curt Hawkins by TKO.

* WWE Divas champion Layla defeated Beth Phoenix with a neckbreaker.

* Mason Ryan defeated Michael McGuilicutty with the jackhammer.

* John Cena defeated Big Show, Tensai and John Laurinaitis in a handicap match. Show knocked out Tensai with the WMD punch, Cena took out Big Show and nailed Tensai with the AA.

* US Champion Santino retained the title in a 3 way match with Jack Swagger and David Otunga after nailing Swagger with the cobra.

* Kofi Kingston & Brodus Clay defeated Primo & Epico.

* WWE Champion CM Punk defeated Daniel Bryan in a street fight after hitting his GTS finisher.

— The Miz announced on Twitter on Thrusday that he’s begun weapons training for his starring role in the upcoming WWE Studios film, The Marine: Homefront.

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