Mick Foley Speaks on Daniel Bryan, The Attitude Era, Stand Up Comedy, more

Rajah.com reader Ted Gruber recently conducted an interview with Mick Foley for Red Eye Chicago. Here are some excerpts:

The TV-14 rating is still discussed as something the WWE could possibly go back to. Do you think the PG rating was the right decision by the company?

I really do. With the TV-14 there were a lot of sponsors the WWE couldn’t bring in because of the rating. I think it was frustrating when they were doing gigantic ratings and couldn’t draw the sponsors during the Attitude Era. They did great business during a horrible economic time and continue to draw adults to bring their children to watch the product.

Who was/is the funniest wrestler you know?

Well some of the funniest guys backstage couldn’t translate that humor to the ring. There’s a fine line that guys use their humor for their character and guys that use their humor to define their character. I think every guy who has been successful has used humor to build their career. There was one moment in Milwaukee, where basically there were five guys in the Main Event match that could not control their upheavals of laughter. The Rock gave me an image the night before and when it was time to deliver my promo, I couldn’t get that out of my mind.

In the past you have mentioned Daniel Bryan as being one of your favorite wrestlers to watch. Do you think he can take the same spot that John Cena has currently?

He is just on fire right now. He is so much fun to watch. Right now he is the best combination wrestler since probably Edge was at his peak. Edge, at that time, was stealing the show whether he was wrestling or not. I love the fact that the two guys fighting for that top spot at SummerSlam is Daniel Bryan and CM Punk. I know Punk likes and respects Daniel but he will do his best each and every night. Stone Cold was on record saying he wanted to steal every show. He and I were good friends but we both stole the show at different times through the years. There has to be some unique marketing abilities for Daniel, and I have an idea or two I would like to pass WWE’s way. He would be one of the stars of my next children’s book if and when it gets published.

To read the full interview, click HERE.

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