Michelle McCool Discusses Neck Injury, Favorite Gimmick Match, Early Days In WWE

In celebration of her 31st birthday today, Michelle McCool took part in an interview with MichelleMcCool.net. The four-time champion gives her thoughts on possibly moving to Raw via WWE’s annual Draft, her previous role as a sultry school teacher, auditioning for the 2004 Diva Search, whether she’s worked sick, her goals for 2011, and much more.

Numerous colleagues have praised Michelle for being one of the hardest working women on the roster and often working through injuries. The SmackDown Diva feels bumps and bruises comes with the territory, but notes that she was hampered by bulging discs in her neck in October.

“Other than the normal, I did have two bulging disc in my neck (between C5 & C6). I’m not sure exactly when it occurred or if it just happened as a result of constant wear and tear, but boy did it hurt! It was probably the worst, pain wise, at Hell in a Cell. I remember barely being able to move my neck at all. It was so bad that day (& about 4-5 days after) that I couldn’t even bend my head down far enough to scratch my forehead. I was diagnosed the following Tuesday after HIAC when I had an MRI. I took it easy in the ring for a few weeks after. Right now, I’ve had a sprained pinky finger for 3 weeks. I know that sounds silly, but it’s aggravating.”

On the topic of “gimmick” matches, McCool admits she’s not a fan of Bra and Panties bouts. She says she enjoyed her Extreme Makeover Match with Beth Phoenix at Backlash, but feels nothing will top the Divas Tag Team Tables Match at TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs.

“It’s funny…it seems that no matter what the diva’s do, there will be a million people loving it and another million hating it! I’ve never been a fan of the bra and panties matches… The extreme makeover match was pretty fun, but nothing will top the rush I had during the TLC match. I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did! I felt it for several days after, but I loved every bit of it!

“I hope they continue to give the divas more opportunities like that. It was so refreshing to do something so extreme. The crowd loved it too, which is always nice! I actually thought they were ribbing us when they told us that our match would be a table match as well! It took asking about 5 people before I actually believed it.”

McCool also gives her take on her short-lived role as the manager of K.C. James and Idol Stevens, collectively known as “The Teacher’s Pets.” She says that while they got along, there wasn’t much chemistry between them.

“I attribute a lot of that to just being new. Sometimes at the beginning of your career, you’re just afraid to go for it (for lack of better terms). I think I always held back in fear of screwing something up, versus just going for it and having them have to reel me back in (which is what Layla and I tend to do now)! They were both great guys that I hope are doing well!”

The entire interview can be read here. Also posted are never-before-seen photos of Michelle growing up, a “speed drawing,” videos, and more.

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